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DuckTales To Make A Come Back With Revamped Television Series


It’s time to rejoice, DuckTales fans! For Huey, Dewey and Louie are coming back on TV with the newest DuckTales reboot on Disney XD. The famous nephews of Donald Duck and their adventures with Uncle Scrooge will soon be seen in a new avatar with a modern revival of the series.

Uncle Scrooge and the triplets with Scrooge's fortune (DuckTales Reboot)
Uncle Scrooge and the triplets with Scrooge’s fortune


The last episode of DuckTales aired nearly a quarter-century ago. So now, the original viewers of DuckTales will probably be enjoying the series with their own little ones. It is interesting to see how much the trend of rebooting has caught on so much momentum.

2016 – A year for Reboots

A number of series reboots premiered this year. Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Rush Hour, Roots, and Arrested Development are amongst the large number of TV series that were revived this year.

I remember when Fuller House, the reboot to Full House came back to life through Netflix, it was the most talked about thing everywhere. That bustle, quickly earned more popularity to the rebooted TV series than any other new series premiering around that time. The revival of DuckTales also originated with the sudden inexplicable rise in popularity of the DuckTales theme song, couple of months ago. That’s when Disney announced that a DuckTales reboot is in the making.

Are Reboots A Good Idea?

As much exciting as it is to see our beloved characters visiting us on TV again, it is in fact a very risky task to ace in. Being able to re-create the same magic as it did the first time is not as simple as you’d think it would be.

While series such as Battlestar Galactica, Teen Wolf, Sherlock and The Office were welcomed with a heartwarming response from critics and viewers alike, others such as Skins, Bionic Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Knight Rider, Wonder Woman and Powerpuff Girls were totally slammed.

The reason for the success for a TV show depends not only on its direction, content, script and actors but also on the time period in which the series ran. In most cases of reboots, the lightening quite doesn’t strike the same place twice.

Why rebooting is becoming a trend?

Rehashing old TV series is an easy way of making quick money without taking a huge risk of investing millions of dollars on an idea that might or might not work.

All you have to do is bring back the old characters, infuse new stories about them and you’ve got yourself a show. Don’t even worry about the popularity because there are millions of nostalgia-stricken fans who’ll love to see their beloved characters come back to life again.

The promo image of the DuckTales reboot
The promo image for the DuckTales reboot


I wanna be optimistic towards this move of Disney but it does strike me as a little odd to see such a successful TV series being revamped.  I do not wish for DuckTales to suffer the same fate as Powerpuff Girls or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For fans like me, a bastardise rebooting of legendary cartoon shows such as Powerpuff Girls just for namesake is simply hurtful. Not only did Cartoon Network ruin my fond memories of the show, it also made me sceptical about watching reboots ever again.

Hoping that Disney doesn’t repeat Cartoon Network’s mistake, I’m also holding onto my chair to see how the revived version of DuckTales comes along.

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