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Drunk Amity Girl Student Crashes Car & Kills 2 Friends: Is This The Kind Of Fun We Seek?

At the time of the accident medical reports revealed that the alcohol content in Diksha’s body was also way above the allowed limit.


College is all about finally breaking free of the constraints that school puts on us and doing crazy wild things, exploring, underage drinking and getting some much-needed freedom.

Those 3 or 4 years of college allow us to live life in a way that schools and its rigid routine does not allow and usually you end up making a few mistakes (sometimes irreversible blunders) along the way.

However, what happened with Diksha Dadu (19), and 2 other women, all first-year LLB students of Amity University, Noida, Siddarth Singh (20) from Maharaja Surajmal Shiksha Sansthan in Janakpuri and DU’s Sri Venkateshwara College student Ritesh Dahiya (21) is really appalling to see.

On Sunday morning, 11th March 2018, a Hyundai i10 crashed at a high speed into a road divider in north Delhi’s Mukherji Nagar according to the police.

amity car crash

What Exactly Happened?

On March 10th, as reported by the police, “While questioning Diksha and Joshita, police found that the five first went to a festival in Amity University. They left around 10.45 pm and planned to go to Murthal. Before that, they headed to Connaught Place, where they bought snacks and plastic glasses. They purportedly consumed liquor in the car and drove around the Delhi University area.”

Diksha Dadu according to sources, had been insisting on driving the entire night, and while Ritesh, who owned the car was adamantly refusing it, when he got out of the car in the DU area to talk to a shopkeeper, Diksha got into the driver’s seat and refused to move. About 3 minutes after she started driving around 2.45 am, the car crashed into a divider, overturned and then rammed into a nearby traffic signal pole.

The crash happened at the central verge T-point of Hudson Lane and the impact was such that it badly mangled the bodies in the back, to the point that the car had to be cut in order to retrieve the bodies. Diksha and Rashi who were sitting in front seats survived the accident with minor injuries since airbags opened at impact, as reported by DCP (northwest) Aslam Khan while Ritesh and Siddarth died instantly.

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According to reports, the car was going at almost 100 kmph of speed and the crash alerted a nearby shopkeeper Ashok Arora who said that “I heard an explosion-like sound and went to the balcony to investigate. I saw a car turn upside down after hitting the central verge. My son and I rushed to help the victims. We managed to rescue the women sitting on the front seats but the persons on the back seat were trapped. They were rescued only after the police arrived.”

As if all that was not enough, Diksha even tried to hide her identity and said that the crash was caused by a reckless biker.

DCP Khan said that “While in hospital, Diksha was asked her name, address and parents’ contact details. She identified herself as Priya Sharma and gave a random address. When the other injured persons were questioned about their identification details, they revealed Diksha’s real identity. She later confessed to misleading the police.”

At the time of the accident medical reports revealed that the alcohol content in Diksha’s body was also way above the allowed limit standing at almost 137mg of alcohol to 100mg of blood. For driving, it should not be more than 30mg per 100 mg of blood.

The police also found that not only did she not have a driver’s license, but even her learner’s license had expired in October of last year.

As of right now, the police after recovering plastic cups and alcohol bottles from the car have confirmed that it was a case of drunk driving and Dadu will be arrested upon her discharge. The DCP also stated that the case has been filed at the Mukherjee Nagar police station for rash and negligent driving and also for causing death due to negligence under IPC sections.

While the entire incident is tragic in every way possible, it has definitely highlighted the failure of social media in raising awareness and our own need to put fun and masti above everything else.

Let alone the criminal and legal repercussions that Diksha will have to suffer, it is the societal implications that are entirely too scary.

Inspite of so much social media campaigning to spread information regarding speeding, drunk driving, underage drinking, it is scary to realize that none of it mattered and could not help the students understand what they’re getting into.

One second changed or destroyed not only her life, but her family’s too and we cannot play any kind of blame game here. We can’t blame it on the college, her parents, the authorities as none are at fault in this case. Instead, this incident has highlighted how a millennial can think life is so trivial and underestimates the implications of drunk driving to do something like this.

She now has to live with this for her entire life within a society that will not spare her, because she definitely did not intend on becoming a criminal but due to lack of empathy or feeling of responsibility, she ended up committing a crime inadvertently.

The stoic nature that has been made popular or not feeling responsible for anything beyond us is something I have observed among millennials. We must also address the romanticized notion of impulsiveness that urges us to stop thinking about consequences and just do what we want that ties into lacking a feeling of responsibility and putting our need to have fun over anything and everything.

Perhaps we need to ask ourselves exactly where does the need to be impulsive and selfish stop?

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu, IBTimes India, The Indian Express

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  1. I’m deeply saddened by the way ED has framed the entire article. It’s good to state facts as a media house but posting reviews and strong comments on a girl who might already be fighting legal and societal pressure ,is not appreciated.

  2. Lol. The fuck is ‘pressure’?

    Her YOLO attitude was the reason she is drawn into this mess. Bitch even tried to mislead police instead of owning it up like a mature person.

    I pray that Amity expels them from the University and UGC bans them from admission in any other institution.

    Creatures like her need to be behind the bars forever (jail iron bars, not drinking Bar or the Advocates’ Bar LMAO).


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