Now–a-days the terms -“FITNESS & HEALTH” are two different things. Not every fit-looking man or woman is healthy, says Dr.NIKHIL TARI.

These days fitness industry and gym business are booming so much, like never before in the history of the FITNESS INDUSTRY. Along with that, lot many supplements companies are making a huge profit. And so is pharma-aids drugs (PERFORMANCE ENHANANCINGDRUGS-PED) too.

 Every other person in our country, from any economic class. Everyone is so aware (or should we say fascinated) for that fit looking body. Nice toned arms and legs, that sharp jawline, those hot looking 6 pack abs and those big biceps popping out from the T-shirts. All credit goes to BOLLYWOOD and the SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.

Everyone going to the gym has that specific goal of achieving that dream physique, but that too in a short period of time. Everything is quite fast nowadays just like fast-food (sarcasm warning). So people fall in trap those clickbait videos that claim to get 6 pack abs in 1 month. So everyone is in so haste they want it at any cost and in a short span of time. In order to get awesome results, they end up using those harmful Anabolic Steroids and those expensive, fake claimed Supplements. But the common sources to get hands-on it is our gyms and gym trainers. Who are not aware of the damage they are creating in clients’ health.

Nowadays, every young guy wants six-pack abs, and every girl wants that toned body. But there is nobody to guide you properly & blindly taking any health supplements to transform their physique is costing them to sacrifice their health. That’s the reason why Dr. Nikhil Tarihas coined the above statement that HEALTH & FITNESS are not the same. But with proper Guidance and keeping realistic goals in mind, descent fitness level with maintaining his/her health up to the mark.

DR.NIKHILTARI has started INDIA’s 1ST BODYBUILDING & FITNESS Clinic located in Kandivali (W), Mumbai. A clinic that is strictly dedicated to health and fitness, with proper high-end equipment to get perfect measurements. He has vast clinical experience of more than 15 years in this field as a doctor and 24 years as a bodybuilder himself. Dr. NIKHIL has helped a lot many to transform their physique while maintaining their health too. His passion & love for the sports has made him a big name in this field of the Body building& Fitness industry.

Dr. Nikhil feels that the ongoing fitness culture in INDIA, with the trend of using supplements and drugs for the purpose of attaining a good physique, is increasing enormously all over the country and especially the young generation, which is leading to severe irreversible health issues like infertility, heart issues, kidneys and liver problems. This is all because of wrong guidance in gyms and a huge scam of ongoing counterfeit bodybuilding supplements.

So Dr. Nikhil Tari, being a professional doctor, a fitness athlete, bodybuilder & a coach himself, has helped numerous fitness and bodybuilding athletes to achieve their dream physique with taking care of their health. To date, he has done more than 2000 successful BODYTRANSFORMATIONS throughout the world in his 12 years of bodybuilding & fitness clinic practice and has been awarded as India’s #1 Bodybuilding & Fitness consultant many times. By the various renowned institutions of our country.

Dr. Nikhil Tari believes in giving proper guidance & awareness in his bodybuilding & fitness clinic, but it was not possible for him to meet everyone personally and help them out. Neither its possible for every fitness freak person to personally meet Dr. Nikhil himself in his clinic. That’s the reason behind starting up his 1st YouTube Bodybuilding & Fitness channel. Here he shares deep knowledge regarding each and every subject related to body building fitness and lot many people (mostly youngsters) of our country has been benefited by his YouTube channel.

Dr Nikhil Tari stepped forward to help people in need of assistance amidst the rising covid-19 cases by providing free counseling for health related issues to the one in need and having difficult times. He also helped the migrant labourer and also participated in various food distribution movement to help people suffering for starvation.

Times Applaud honored Dr Nikhil Tari as Covid-19 warrior award for his extra ordinary contribution that he made towards the society in the critical times. 


Dr. Nikhil has a dream of establishing a school dedicated to Professional Bodybuilding & Fitness in our Country. So that we can get prime information of this field and we create world class athletes who can represent our country in international BODYBUILDING & FITNESS competitions and winning them, yes by maintaining health too. So that after few years we can say“ FITNESS & HEALTH” are different words with same meanings. 


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