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Docastaway – Pay To Get Stranded In A Deserted Island


The sun beats down on you as you traverse through the sand. Sweat trickles down your face, in a desperate attempt to make it to the ground.

There is no soul in sight. Strange insects hover incessantly just out of your reach, waiting expectantly like a vulture on the eve of battle. The island is unforgiving. Surrounded on all sides by the blue expanse of water, the only escape is death.

Well, at least it couldn’t get any worse, you grumble to yourself. Then it hits you. You let out a deep groan as realization dawns that you actually paid a ton of money for this experience.



Not anymore.

A new travel company has come up with an interesting concept. You pay money, and they’ll strand you in a deserted island. While this sounds more like a ransom call gone wrong, this concept has found many takers, most of them high on the eccentricity scale. This company is aptly named Docastaway.

In their promotional campaign, a 64 year old Millionaire went to the deserted island of Hunga Tunga in the nation of Tunga, with only his trusty machete to keep him company.

He survived for 11 nights.

Most of us wouldn’t survive for 11 hours.

In its home page, Docastaway unabashedly says that their main aim is to specialize in holidays and experiences in remote desert Islands around the planet. Simply speaking, they want to make you feel like a castaway.


Alvaro Cerezo, the ever smiling founder of Docastaway, has certainly chanced upon a proverbial gold mine. It all began 4 years ago. However, 3 years of hard work and dedication have gone into setting it up, and now it is one of the most sought after travel packages in the niche tourism market.

Docastaway offers two kinds of vacations to its patrons. These are Adventure mode and Comfort mode. They claim that what they provide is the antithesis of mass tourism. Their main target is to guarantee the exclusivity of these remote islands, avoiding docastawayers staying in the same deserted island or even in the same archipelago at any given time.

Well, there’s a new term which I feel is going to blow up soon. Docastawayers. The thought of wanting to brave the elements and put myself through whatever challenges nature throws at me excites me to say the very least. I am sure we would all agree that this particular vacation is way better than going to Agra to click funny pictures of themselves with the Taj Mahal.


Unsurprisingly, this trend is fast picking up among the people, especially the youth. Many people opt to come here for their honeymoon or their anniversaries. What better way to enjoy with a special someone than putting your life at the mercy of nature.

It is evident that success comes to those who are willing to think differently. The beauty lies in the fact that Docastaway has taken something which we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy (See: KRK), and marketed it in such a way that people are actually paying big moolah for it. It resembles that moment in Tom Sawyer when he convinces a whole bunch of people to paint his walls.


Simply put, that’s the thing about the whole phenomenon.

Either you pay dearly, or you pay dearly.

Find the site here.

Manaved Nambiar
Manaved Nambiar
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