There are various requirements needed for traveling to Hong Kong. This administrative region allows visits from citizens of various countries for tourism, business purposes, family visits, job, and other important purposes. However, you need to apply to travel.

Indian citizens have been given an exception by applying online for Hong Kong Par. Hong Kong Par application is a pre-arrival registration for Indians as of 2017, allowing for visas online. 

Citizens of 170 countries have been permitted to visit Hong Kong for 7 to 180 days without a visa. However, citizens who wish to stay beyond this period need to apply for a visa before their arrival.  

Other countries have to apply for visas to visit Hong Kong. This restriction is due to the traveler’s nationality and the government’s agreement with Hong Kong. These countries are Cambodia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Senegal, Angola, Moldova, Burundi, and Uzbekistan. 

These countries are required to apply for Hong Kong visas in the embassy. However, individuals with Indian passports or citizens of India can apply for Hong Kong Par which is mainly for Indians visiting China. 

The pre-arrival registration is necessary for any Indian citizen because it was designed for Indians. Hence, citizens of countries like Nigeria or Senegal with Indian passports can enjoy visits to Hong Kong by applying through Hong Kong Par. 

Requirements for Hong Kong Par

You have to meet some requirements before you can get this access. The requirements include;

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India with an Indian passport with six months of validity.
  • The Indian Passport used has to be the one the Indian citizen arrives with during the application process. 
  • The Par Hong Kong application is not required for Indian citizens with valid permits for studying or for employment purposes.
  • Applicants should preferably print their online visa because it might be requested at the airport.

This kind of visa is flexible and easily acquired because it is designed for tourists, short visits, and transits. However, “the no visa requirement and Hong Kong Par” are not suitable for employment, business, stay, schooling, and long-term purposes. 

Rather, a valid permit that meets the requirements of these purposes is required to stay in Hong Kong for these important intentions. For instance, student visas, entry for investment, working visas/permits are needed. 

You have to apply for a Hong Kong visa at a consulate or embassy to access the schooling, working, or employment services in Hong Kong. The visa requirement in Hong Kong depends on the traveler’s nationality, the purpose or intention for the travel, and the agreement between the traveler’s nation and Hong Kong. 

Hence, getting a visa to Hong Kong depends on the citizen, type of visitation, and the visitation period.


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