Do You Know About Today’s Google Doodle Cornelia Sorabji And Her Envious Achievements?

India's first woman advocate. What more to say about such a revolutionary figure?

Cornelia Sorabji has made history in her own right as she became India’s first woman to get a degree from Bombay University in law and further went on to become India’s first woman to study law in Oxford University, London.

Cornelia Sorabji dedicated her life to social reforms in the country in order to uplift the conditions of multiple marginalized female sections such as “pardahnashins” in the country, the veiled women who were oppressed and denied any male interaction outside their homes.

On her 151st birthday, Cornelia Sorabji was honored by Google with a Google Doodle of her own and we commemorate her life by looking at some of her achievements in her illustrious career, summarized in this short video:

In addition to this, she has been recognized widely as India’s first ever female advocate and continues to inspire the women in our country.

Her work to uplift women and a consistent battle against male domination serves as a shining example to us all, regardless of our age and gender.

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In the modern times where feminism and female rights are disputed, such examples serve as motivation that strong will and dedication can make anything possible.

On her 151st birthday, we take a bow to Cornelia Sorabji.

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