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Do Not Snap the Kite Line of Taiwan, Expect More Safety Measures to be Conducted in the Future


The Asian Kite Forum (AKF) would like to apologize for the accident of a little girl swept into the air by a kite at the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival a few days ago. AKF admits that this accident was due to lax security control and inadequate supervision of the kite-flying team. AKF hopes the accident will not affect the public’s fervor to play the game and the kite flying can continue as usual. AKF makes sincere apologies to a panicked public and the troubled Hsinchu City Government.

International kite flyers said, “Taiwan’s Hsinchu International Kite-flying Field is a great place to fly kites!”

AKF pointed out that they have promoted the kite flying game for many years because of a passion for flying kites. They expect to have more people to participate in this leisure activity. Each time, they would take safety precautions carefully so as to avoid any accidents. However, the accident still happened because of negligence which was out of the security range. While the little girl was swept into the air by a kite, the kite operator slowly pulled low the kite till the little girl was grabbed. She was immediately rushed to the hospital with medical personnel. Fortunately, the little girl was unscathed except for minor abrasions.

Beautiful coastal scenery of 17 kilometers in length, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

In order to offer a site for kite flyers to play the game comfortably, the Hsinchu City Government has built a field for holding international kite-flying games, and has consecutively held the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival for four years. International kite flyers are very satisfied with festival’s planning and field’s facilities. The costal scenery of 17 kilometers in length has also won praise from visitors of home and abroad. AKF is guilty about having such an unexpected event. They hope that the Hsinchu City Government will continue to support the kite-flying game as they did before. AKF has vowed to make the game safer than before and hope players can continue to enjoy the game happily.


Source: Asian Kite Forum (Taiwan)

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