He recently received the Top 7 spot in India’s Best DJ Awards, presented by Delhiites Magazine.

Many talented beings have made their mark in their respective industries, carving their sweet journey to success. However, from among them, only a handful of individuals and professionals across industries have gone ahead in gaining much momentum and building a well-recognized name. So many such youngsters have come forward to pave a path of growth for themselves, even in highly competitive industries like music. Still, some rare gems have shown what it takes to become one’s best version. Serving as one such great example currently as a Disc Jockey in the Indian music scene is DJ Rishabh.

DJ Rishabh is all about his pure skills and love for music, which he believes has brought him thus far in his career and helped him stand tall and unique from the rest of his contemporaries, so much so that people at clubs and events look forward to dancing to his tunes to have a ball of a time.

Recently, at India’s Top 50 Best DJ Awards, he acquired the Top 7 spot. The much-talked-about event was presented by Delhiites Magazine. It was a great affair to remember, as it hosted India’s top DJs like DJ Aqeel, DJ Sami, DJ Suketu, DJ Akhtar, DJ Lemon, and DJ Akbar as the Guest of Honor.

Over the years, DJ Rishabh carved his unique niche as a music producer and DJ, exuding his unique playing style with remixes and music sets that allowed him to perform globally and not just nationally. He has given many hits for Sony Music and popular remixes with none other than DJ Aqeel.

DJ Rishabh has come a long way and still believes he has a long way to go.


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