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Dil… Dil… Dilli!


A new batch of “fuchchaas”. Freshers! Delhi awaits you! North ke chore and South ki pathaka kudiyan, string of official and unofficial fresher parties, hostel ke mazzey, student union elections, fest season and a lot more to look forward to! For the first few days, it is mind boggling for every out station student in Delhi. New place, new people. But do not fret guys and gals! Delhi will embrace you with all its charm and love.

A map to guide you through the initial stage of entering DU:

Step 1: Make Times of India your Holy Book


TOI is the best friend any DU student can have (In no way am I promoting TOI on this page). It’s a fact that the amount of gossip and latest in DU you get to know through TOI’s pages cannot be matched. Be it the latest controversy over the DU policies, cut-offs, teachers’ dharnas against the system, every imaginable information can be found in its pages. Plus, gharwale will be khush with your increasing habit of reading the newspaper!

Step 2: Get to know the latest trends in DU

Dating in Delhi University

Update your information about the trends creating heat this season. The bag to be carried, the kind of footwear, dressing style, hair style, the lingo to be followed, you got to know it all! Know what’s “in”. BTM (Bhenji Turned Mod) will be the friendly greeting a lot of girls’ll be getting!

Step 3: Free haggling classes : Raid every local market

local markets of delhi

CAUTION: Every shop wala bhaiya here will maaro line!

Janpath, Sarojini, Kamla Nagar market, GK-1 market, Lajpath, these should be the Holy Shrines of every girl in the city. A customary monthly/weekly visit (depending on one’s pocket) must be made. The latest of the latest can be found here. Clothes, shoes and bags with tags proclaiming mango, vero moda, Gucci, prada, can be found at throw away prices. Happy shopping!

Step 4: PG wali aunty


The out station people will understand this within a week of living in a pg. Every PG accommodation (For those of you who are new to it, PG-paying guest accommodation) will have a sweet-talking-clever-minded aunty who will keep an eye on every move you make. Beware of them!

Step 5: Cry and get over with it


The first night at the pg/ flat will be loneliest night. every member of the family will be missed, even the kaam wali bayi! Wo galiyan, wo chaubara… It’s okay to cry your eyes out (this implies to the hunks too! Nobody will know, it’s okay). But get over with it! You are entering the phase of your life you will cherish forever.

Step 6: Mon”auto”ny


The first day of college. Good Morning! Rise ‘n’ shine! Get ready in the best clothes you got! The first challenge lies ahead. Dilli ki autos. The number of “nahi” you’ll get from them will be the highest amount of rejections you’ll ever receive. It’s there way, or no way. And you will go through this every day of your college life here.

Step 7: Welcome to DU!

du fun (1)

Finally, going through all the dust, grime and heat of delhi, coughing your way through the smoke of infinite vehicles on the road, you get to college. You may experience love at first sight (ahem, I am talking about love with the college, dear), you may hate it on the first day. But give it some time. DU cannot be hated for long. It has a charm of its own. It may take a few days, weeks, months or even an year, but you’ll end up loving being in DU. The friendships, outings, kaand, masti, fests, memories made will be imprinted forever on your minds. After all, it’s Dilwalo ki Dilli. Dil … Dil… Dil… Dilli!!





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