The young Indian business analyst thrives on his passion for providing the best growth and results to the varied brands he chooses to work with

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 3: It is so astounding to learn and read more about all those people and professionals who make sure to go beyond boundaries and push them further in order to build innovative businesses and brands thriving on visionary ideas. It takes a lot for individuals to make such bold choices in their careers, especially when they see almost all industries overflowing with established and emerging professionals and business owners. However, their strong work ethic and their quest to work on cutting-edge ideas and tech while doing all this with immense passion and love for their work have what propelled many of them forward in their respective industries, just like it catapulted young Indian business analyst and digitalpreneur Abhinav Dwivedi at the forefront of the business side of things.

Abhinav Dwivedi, who originally hails from Ranchi, Jharkhand and from a humble family background, had no inch of an idea that one day he would build his own desired success path, which would take him to metros like Delhi and Mumbai. He confesses how the digital space always intrigued and excited him, which is why in 2017, he chose to work as a freelance graphic designer to stay close to creativity and the digital space both. Working day in and day out, he went ahead in becoming a talent and celebrity manager and today has also excelled as a business analyst, where he finds passion in learning more about brands and businesses, analyzing them entirely and continually working toward providing them with the best growth and results.

Over the years, he has gained immense business knowledge, helping varied brands gain enormous growth. Now, he is planning to work with international brands from across niches, like apparel, tech, etc., to market them in India. He will analyze them and their competitors, plan a report accordingly and then launch them in India. This is his motto for 2024 and the upcoming years.

Abhinav Dwivedi and his team thrive on honesty, authenticity and winning growth strategies that have helped these brands get launched successfully.


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