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DEvil: 5 Of The Most Notorious Serial Killers Of India


By Aashna Charan


A serial killer is any person with a kill count of three or more people and follows a specific behaviour with every victim which sets them apart. They kill to satisfy- at least 90% of them- their psychologically demented self.

Whatever they may be, the surely are scary. Here are the 5 most notorious serial killers of India to make you lock your door before you sleep!


Also known as “the Bikini Killer” “the Splitting Killer” and “the Serpent” the French national of Vietnamese and Indian origins has been convicted of the murdering more than twelve people through drowning, strangling and burning that too in a span of 2 years.This man was as dangerous as he was charming, yes; he used to charm his victims! He would gain their trust and get them to like him and then he would kill them!


He got apprehended in 1976 and serves a life imprisonment sentence in Nepal. We finally know that even dangerous men have unmatched charm! He also had an accomplice, Ajay Chowdhury.



Autos are an economical and convenient way of travelling by road, but after you here the story of this rather bad driver, you will think twice before sitting in any auto. In the city of Chennai, within a span of six months, 9 girls went missing! The first thought the police had was that the girls were sold off into prostitution by the families who couldn’t afford to pay dowry, but as the families kept saying they didn’t sell them off, the police was forced to look at other possibilities.

Things seemed clear after a girl complained of being manhandled by an auto driver who even tried to abduct her in front of a local wine store. The police worked efficiently, going undercover and finally the evil of auto Shankar was revealed, who had killed the girls, cremated them and then got rid of the ashes in the Bay of Bengal.



Also known as Psycho Raman, his real name was Sindhi Dalwai. He was the reason (now it’s Salman Khan) that many homeless people and slum dwellers were afraid to sleep on the pavements as he had a bad habit off bludgeoning them to death! He was already in the books of the police for spending 5 years in jail for robbery but he got back onto the bad track by starting to murder people.


Once he was caught, he admitted to have killed around 23 people in 1966 and around 12 in 1968; the police had reason to believe he killed many, more. His sentence was reduced to life imprisonment as he was pronounced incurably mentally ill and died in 1995 of kidney failure.



They say some women take you straight to the heavens, who knew that our lady with poison took it a bit too seriously. K.D. Kempamma was considered to be India’s first female serial killer.  She would pray on women devotees and befriend the rich ones and as she presented herself to be a very well-read, religious and pious woman, she would get the women to dress up with a lot of jewellery to please god and come to a temple far from their houses.


Once they reached there, she would tell them to drink holy water or eat Prasad after the prayers she “performed” in which she would put cyanide. She killed about 6 women and was finally caught; in 2012 her death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment.



We are all well aware of the famous dialogue “rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai” well this man is the DADA of all the serial killers given here, both in age and in his kill count, this here is the “king of thugs” and the leader of the thuggee group active in the north-central India in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

He was involved with planned and armed robbery and also strangling 125 people with his bare hands (touches neck with ear), and strangled 150 using a Rumal (cummerband) with a medallion on it to help suffocate the victim more, he was present for the murder of all the 931 people. As Irony strikes us all, the man who once suffocated many, was executed by hanging in 1840.

In conclusion, we must all be careful, not everyone who seems charming is actually so, they just might be very dangerous. This article can serve as a source of entertainment for some and information for the rest. As I finish writing and proceed to lock my room and not sleep all night fearing I might get killed, I hope you found this article both entertaining and informative!

Image Credits: Google Images

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