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I Am A Design Student And No, I Don’t Sketch All Day Or Party All Night


By Anuriti Sarkar

What do think of a design student’s life? How do you expect it to be? Everything is kept in front of them, nicely garnished in a plate. Everything sorted.

But do you have any idea what is going on inside a design school? Is it that easy to become a well-known designer?

So let me clear out all these misconceptions you have for design students, and hopefully, you’ll understand how it is like to be a designer.


Let me tell you how ‘easy’ the life of a designer is.

First of all, we don’t sleep. Yeah. So what do we do while we are up late night? Party? Because that’s what people think students of this age do when they are up all night, well guess what?

We work! We don’t have exams, we have our own death-eaters aka submissions which suck the life out of us. And do not get me started with the jury.

We do not cram on big fat books on engineering or medicine; we study the world. From the past to the future, we need to keep track of everything that is trending. Quite easy huh?


Take a look at your phone or the dress you’re wearing or anything around you, all those are designed by some designer. The sketch is a rough draft or a plan which is then executed in various ways. You can’t just sketch something and call it a design.

You need to think through every aspect before designing something, which is why there is a difference between an artist and a designer. It should have proper dimensions, functionality and has to be practical.

And want to know the best part? After days of working on it, it gets rejected in a split second and we start the whole process again diligently. And finally get perfect results after almost hundred attempts!


HELLO! Fashion designers do not stitch clothes! They do learn it, it’s a part of their curriculum but they design dresses. They are the ones who give the concept and idea behind a dress but they aren’t tailors.

These are two completely different occupations, okay? And anyway what’s so wrong with being a tailor? Prejudice much?


Fame? You can’t be serious! Just because you know some big fashion designers doesn’t mean that every designer gets easy fame.

You need to work really hard and have years of experience to be recognized by the world. Forget about the world, people in your own locality wouldn’t know you if you have no experience or if you aren’t extremely talented.


Industrial design? Graphic design? User Interface design? What are these then?

A designer isn’t just a fashion designer, there are a variety of courses within the vast field of design, and there are more emerging. So yes, we don’t just make dresses and shoes or bags.


Ralph Lauren, Manish Malhotra, Tommy Hilfiger, Sabyasachi, who are these people then?

Anyone can design if they have the required talents and interest to do it. Stop believing that it’s restricted to women only.


Designers have a lot of knowledge related to the elements of design, so when they see something out of place they comment on that. That does not make them skeptical. Neither are they showing off their knowledge.

They are just giving their judgment on a particular thing which of course, they have more knowledge about. You either take it or ignore it but do not make them seem picky about everything because they are not.

Every field has their own difficulties and fun. It isn’t easy to be anything; whatever you do, you need to work hard for that. Whether it’s an engineer, doctor or designer, all of them have completely different works but equally important.

So let’s break these myths in your head and give the designers the credit they deserve, after all you still love those designer clothes and shoes, don’t you? And imagine a life without these marvelous designs! 

Picture Credits: Google Images

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