This International Pride Month The Gay Gaze Bombay took people on a Euphoric Express Ride to the Desi Pride Weekender 2.0 where everything was bizarre, whimsical and queer—a two-day carnival chockful with minority-owned small businesses, Theatre, Drag, Live music, Dance, Spoken word and all things community driven.

The LGBTQIA++ community known for their flamboyance showed up as their most authentic selves, hand in hand with allies that kept the festivities going strong for two whole days.

The second edition of the Weekender was intended to bring forth all of the community’s talents, artistic faculties, and fortitude, accumulated over the years, by The Gay Gaze’s multidimensional events held since its inception four years ago.

In a world where the LGBTQIA++ community craves a sense of belonging, this became the one safe space they could call their own.

On Day 1, while the Bizzare Bazaar was buzzing, the Market Place turned into a playground for Drag Enthusiasts at “Drag at Play” powered by Nykaa Play, who experimented with colourful wigs, accessories, and makeup, getting ready to walk the Bizzare Ball.

This eclectic energy led to three “Nukkad Natak” style theatre performances, called Sharam Gully, that delved into themes of reclaiming shame and stigma. This poignant show was possible all thanks to the unwavering support and allyship of ImBesharam.

Their dedication and commitment have made a significant impact, helping to uplift and empower the members of the queer community for many years now. Patrons also received giveaways from the Sangya Project as part of a fun challenge during the night’s festivities.

Day 2 was a lazy sundowner where the Queers got to unwind on a mellow rooftop with Jazz, Blues & Folktronica, followed by a mogra-scented “Mehfil”- an ode to art as a form of resistance and self-expression.

As the night grew thicker, the sleepy queers went home feeling whole, accepted, and proud of who they are and everything that they stand for, with the solace that The Gay Gaze will always be a home for them to come back to.

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