Karnataka is embroiled in a new political squabble over another article of clothing: the “chaddi” or underwear!

After NSUI workers burned khaki shorts associated with the saffron party’s ideologue Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in front of the state education minister’s home last week, the ruling BJP and opposition Congress traded barbs.

In a protest against “revision” of school textbooks, some workers burned a pair of “chaddis” or underwear in front of minister BC Nagesh’s home. Following this, the BJP filed a complaint against the protesters, alleging that they were attempting to set fire to the minister’s home.

Soon after, the Congress decided to launch a “burn the chaddi” campaign, with opposition leader Siddaramiah declaring that workers would be burned. There after, the BJP slammed the Congress, accusing it of “burning chaddis” to profess their frustration at being “removed from power.” According to sources, the BJP has launched a door-to-door collection of underwear to be delivered to the homes of Congress leaders. Workers in Mandya collected underwear to deliver to the Karnataka Congress office in Bengaluru in response to Siddaramaiah’s remark.

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Joshi attacked Congress’s poor electoral performance in Uttar Pradesh’s recent assembly elections by saying, “Their chaddis were removed completely in UP. And in Chamundeshwari, too, Siddaramaiah’s chaddi and dhoti both were removed and they were sent packing. So, they must be burning chaddis to vent their frustration.”

However, Siddaramiah clarified that the Congress only burned one pair of underwear or knickers during the protest, the central government and the police made a big deal out the matter unnecessarily, accusing the Congress of arson.

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