Just when I thought that the revaluation process in 12th was so cumbersome, I was yet to actually encounter the horrifying process of revaluation in DU. After some horrible third person experiences, I suggest you to keep put with your unexpected poor results.

The system of revaluation and re-checking forms a vital part of the institution’s exam procedure. Being a government institution, DU has always filled me with doubts whether its the process of checking exam papers or the revaluation process.

There were talks of scrapping the system of revaluation entirely. Although this problem has been taken care of, there persist other issues which haven’t been addressed.

Revaluation has been a common thing with strict marking in papers

A money minting process

Adding to the misery that one has scored unexpected poor results, there is the added glory of high pricing for applying for revaluation and the delay in the declaration of updated results.

So, as per the University criterion, one has to submit a fee of Rs. 1,000 per paper for revaluation and Rs. 750 for rechecking along with the application form.

These inflated and ridiculous figures already discourage students to ask for any sort of reconsideration in the evaluation of their exam papers.

Obviously, you are not assured of inflated marks once you send your papers for rechecking or revaluation. The high risk of a reduction in marks, as well as no change, infers lower participation as students don’t consider it worth the risk.

Things tend to worsen when students suffer bad fate in more than one paper. Suppose you want to revaluate 3 of your papers. That amounts to Rs. 3,000, which is nearly half of my college fee I pay annually. As a result, students land in the predicament of choosing just one subject to revaluate.

A RTI query filed by a Delhi University student who had demanded that he be allowed inspection of his answer-script free of cost pointed out that in the academic sessions 2015-16 and 2017-18,

Delhi University earned more than Rs. 3 crore through fees paid by students for revaluation or rechecking of their answer-sheets.

Strikes by teachers are the likely cause for the delay in the declaration of updated results

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It does not end there

Apart from the bloated fee structure in place, there is this delay on the part of the authorities which is problematic.

The university states that the applications will be addressed with the reconsidered marks within a time period of 45 days of its receipt. But what is written is often not the case.

Students are made to wait months before they are certain about their previous semester’s result. This postponement exacerbates the situation for those who have to re-appear for the examination as the delay in confirmation of score is a thing of concern for them.

There is this amount of uncertainty amongst the students about whether they have passed the previous semester or not and thus are compelled to divide their time and attention on studies for both semesters, even if they are sure they have passed the previous semester.

Recently, two students from DU who filed their revaluation request in January this year, are still waiting for their updated results while the University is not ready with their results as well as not responding to the student’s pleas.

“In January I filed for revaluation of my exams. But the results are not yet out. It is not possible for us to go to the South Campus every day,” said a student from Dyal Singh College (morning) of the University on condition of anonymity.

“Initially, I had to go to the main South Campus to check for my results, and I visited the office many times – but they would give me the stock reply of – the results will come soon.”

Even after several calls, enquires and written complaints the University has not responded in any manner. How is it that even after paying the required fees these students have been provided with zero relief and instead made to wait, with their futures at stake?

The solution to this problem is addressing all the aspects of the problem concerned. The process should be made as student-friendly as possible by ensuring greater transparency, punctuality, and affordability in terms of its costs.

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Sources: DUBeat, Times Of India, Indian Express

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  1. Agree…! Now a days, different universities and colleges collect revenue from students and stills the results are awaiting…Thank you for raising this point…! Appreciable…


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