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Delhi: Dining Redefined


From Chandani Chowk’s paranthewali galli to Janpath’s momos joint to Le Meridian’s upscale dineout experience- Delhi has got it all.

Be it Sitaram Diwanchand’s spicy treat of Chhole Bhature, or Bangla Sweets’ sweet attempt to tickle your sweet tooth, or an exquisite gourmet meal at The Imperial- Delhi has triumphantly earned  the status of the ‘Indian food hub’.  The capital is a beautiful blend of the different faces of the country and has victoriously brought together different cultures of places throughout the world, which is exactly why She has virtuously been coronated as the queen of the Indian food empire.

Having said that, it’s only implicated that the expedition through this kingdom wouldn’t be an easy one. How is one supposed to know what place they should go to so that their lovelies are pleased just right (*hush* *hush* and it also pampers their wallets)? How, I ask? HOW?!

But. (There’s always a but!)


The magical wand that the internet is, brings to you a lot of services, ranging from your assignment researcher (Hello, Mr. Wales!) to social platforms where one can seek social approval without the fear of being judged to the category that shall not be mentioned here, keeping in mind the code of decency that I’m supposed to follow. (Seriously, my boss won’t pay me otherwise!:P)

A lot of ventures started up by the young minds (Yes, I sound like an oldie now. Don’t judge, please.) have certainly changed the scene of dining out completely and brought about a revolution of some sorts in the arena.

giuRanging from Zomato that lets the users rate places (oh, and if you become a pro at it, you get discounts!), there is a chunk of online reservation services available on the Internet. One such service, for instance, is Dineout ( that takes away the pain of looking for the perfect place for the perfect day(-te) and GourmetItUp is yet another ( such service (Okay, I have tried these ones and I can safely say that they work wonders!).



These platforms let you make your booking in advance and help you find just the place that you need for any and every occasion and save you from the ordeal of taking your lovelies out on dates with absolute uncertainty as to what place you should go to (budget issues, aren’t there, college folks?) and whether or not you would find a table at just the right time. A few of these websites even offer deals per head with an estimated cost. Oh and yes, they love your wallets, too. They offer heavy discounts and offer a lot more (Helllooooo, complimentary drinks!)

logo_circleYet another extension to the Delhi dining scene is Delhi Food Walks. Delhi Food Walks conducts trips through the city to different food joints that the city has to offer. They conduct actual expeditions  and take you throughout the city to each and every food crevice in the city! And SoDelhi which is a complete guide to the capital- tourist spots,  food points, shopping spots and what not!

sodelhi_logoThe concept of dining out in Delhi has taken a turn since these start-ups have shown up. And this concept, being a fresh concept to the capital, has a lot more that could be explored. A lot of such platforms are showing up in the market, all competing with each other to get YOU the best deals. It is a very lucrative field of business (because well, everybody eats, right? :D). With a load of such services being available just a click away, the dining scenes in Delhi have not only become much more convenient, but also let you explore your options through a vast variety available!

They earn. You save. It’s a win/win situation.:D

What’s NOT to love?

Bon Appetit!



By Dhwani Mohan


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