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Dating Apps Bound To Keep You Hooked


Let’s face it, people love to date. Gone are the days when the guy used to chase the girl around trees (at least that’s what the old Bollywood movies would like us to believe). You no longer have to build up the courage to actually go up and initiate a face to face conversation with the fear of being shot down like the old days.



Now, all it takes is a swipe. The modern apps have made dating effortless which is why they are enjoying an upsurge in their user database. People have opened up to these apps to assist them in their quest to find a suitable match.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps out there:




You probably are swiping on Tinder as you read this, that’s how popular Tinder has become. To use Tinder, you need a Facebook account. You can choose photos from your Facebook profile which other Tinder users will be able to view. It is quite flexible in its settings as it allows you to choose your preferred gender in a match, limit the distance of the search as well as limit the age. It also has a ‘superlike’ feature. Superliking someone is a sign of stronger intent than merely right swiping someone.




Okcupid is much more detailed than Tinder. It even asks for your sexual orientation in the initials stages of creating a profile along with your Gender. It also browses matches on much more than location and age like ethnicity, religion, income, job etc. Its most distinct feature is that it allows you to browse through a number of profiles without forcing you to like or reject someone before moving on to the next profile which apps such as Tinder do not.




TrulyMadly is more like the desi version of Tinder with similar features. Again, a Facebook profile is needed to login. Built keeping in mind how ‘safe’ India is, it utilizes trust-based scores in order to verify if an individual is trustworthy. A higher trust score means more matches and likes. TrulyMadly does know how to have its share of fun, though, as it allows its users to play a number of games like ‘Foodie Funda’, ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Styletastic’ etc.




Woo is a little different from the other dating apps. You don’t need to necessarily reject someone to move on similar to Okcupid. You can like them and message to find out more about them or simply swipe right to move on to the next profile. The feature unique to Woo is the interest tag of a person and the search shows people with a similar interest. For example, if a person has put ‘Lionel Messi’ as one of the tags on his/her ‘like’ section, then they can click on it to see all the individuals who have put ‘Lionel Messi’ as a tag in their own like section. Additionally, it allows people to record a 7 second voice message which is displayed on their profile.




Happn is definitely the most unique and innovative dating app out there. It allows you to discover people you’ve crossed paths with. Yes that’s right, if you ever just walk across someone and then later regret of not initiating a conversation then Happn can be your saviour. How? Simple, if the people you cross paths with also have a profile on Happn, then it will show on your app. You can subsequently ‘like’ them, same as Tinder, and if they like you back it’ll be a ‘crush’. Happn has its version of ‘superlike’ in the feature called ‘charm’.

 No matter which app you choose, they only assist you in finding matches. You will find out the best about a person upon meeting them, there’s no shortcut to actual love. Happy dating!


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