Data Trained, a leading EdTech company, has announced the launch of DT Evolve.

September 6: DataTrained Education has been carving the way for new-age learning and creating quality professionals since 2012. DT Evolve, an innovative, hands-on and solution-based initiative by Data Trained, is for the development of young as well as experienced professionals who aspire to be great leaders. DT Evolve aims to provide the best solutions for the development of future leaders in the corporate world. DT Evolve has been created to promote and revamp professionals in order for them to enhance and thrive in their careers. 

DT Evolve is based on the notion of “unlocking the better you,” which caters to the fact that everyone wants to become a better version of themselves. This can be achieved by DT Evolve’s classified and well-structured programs. 

DT Evolve also provides a path to aspiring leaders who are performing contributors wanting to advance personally and professionally with its leadership development programs. This initiative by Data Trained provides peer support as well as master sessions with leadership coaches and industry experts.

60% of the surveyed millennials said that they want leadership training. As millennials are the future, or better said, the upcoming leaders of the future, it is the responsibility of the current leaders to maintain the hierarchy. 

Highlighting the pivotal role of leadership, not only in the corporate world but also in our distinctive lives, DT Evolve consists of solutions for the professional and professional development of working professionals and has also procured the Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral intuitiveness of individuals and groups with its Life Skills Programs. 

DT Evolve also consists of 4 boot camps for various levels of management, i.e., Fresh Talent, First Time Managers or New Managers, Mid-Level Managers, and Senior Level Managers or The Superbosses, which provides great learning and enhancing skills experience by granting a multi faceted and textual-visual format of learning.  

Learners of DT Evolve can leverage their skills and knowledge to find the desirable career formation for themselves. 

“Our dedication and commitment to aspiring leaders is unwavering and embedded into everything we promise,” said Janardan Tiwari, the CEO of Data Trained Education.

About DataTrained: Started in 2012 with a single program in Data Science, Data Trained Education is now India’s leading edtech company in the higher education segment. The aim is to create a larger workforce as per the requirements of the industry. DtEvolve will prove to be an instrumental force to reckon with and harness the strength and resilience of the people across the entire workforce. DataTrained learner base of over a Million will add value to the whole UpSkilling segment with the right amount of the much-needed Cognitive Ability. 

High Career growth will be sustainable now with the addition of DtEvolve to its kitty. It will add that extra value creation organizations across the domains have always yearned for. This will result in mapping the vision of the organization widely, thus inculcating that strong bond between the employer and the employee. The effect will be manifold with increased productivity and creating belonging amongst the workforce. With the advent of hybrid work culture, this would be even more helpful. 

DtEvolve popular courses are the Bootcamps like Fresh Talent Bootcamp, First Time Manager Bootcamp, Mid Level Manager Bootcamp, The Super Boss Bootcamp, and DtEvolve Life Skills.

DataTrained learners have boasted of high career growth in the form of steep salary hikes, frequent promotions, and job placements. More than 85% of the DataTrained Learners have achieved Positive Career Growth.

Janardan Tiwari, CEO-Global, DataTrained, said, “DataTrained works on the four pillars of education – Quality, Affordability, Reliability, and Employability. We strive to create a tech-based fantastic online pedagogy that supports and builds a skilled workforce backed by strong placement and corporate relations support. The workforce we strive to create will be equipped with the ever-changing demands of the organizations and the challenges of the future. Our commitment can be judged upon our resolves to change and upgrade careers for the future”.


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