Deepak Pareek

September 14: As a content creator, Deepak Pareek has come across various obstacles as well as milestones during his journey of personal and professional growth. He intends to keep helping the youth of India to overcome the fears that one has while entering real-world workplaces. This phase usually begins when the students are finishing up their college semesters, be it grad or undergrad courses. Brilliant students even face problems when it comes to engaging recruiters of big companies during interviews because they lack speaking skills.

“Communication is very important”, says Deepak Pareek, and it can be mastered through continuous practice. How can college students can engage themselves with the practice of communication is the big question here! The answer is ‘Participation’. Deepak feels that “If you are a school student or if you are a college student, then you need to participate. Participate in every college or school event if possible” Now, there might be a possibility that you might face failure while engaging in these events, but that should not stop you. Deepak Pareek has said in many of his videos and reels that “It’s okay to fail. You will fail. Rather if you don’t fail, you won’t learn the kind of mistakes you are making. Then how will you improve in them?”

It is known that college provides students with numerous opportunities which helps them to jumpstart their professional career. Communication is significant; however, after that comes to the activity of Networking. The first crucial thing to note is ‘How to get out of your shell?’ It is extremely necessary to get out of your comfort zone; otherwise, the possibility of meeting interesting, artistic, and creative people or the scope of collaborating with relevant people that might boost your professional growth will slip out of your hands. Many times college students face this question of how to start the networking process, and the answer lies in “Don’t think of the outcome. Just Start” This indicates that one has to just start the conversation, and in no time, it will gain a smooth flow leading you to where you want to be.

Deepak Pareek regularly advises many aspiring professionals and college students to “Practice productive procrastination”. Using procrastination as a tool might be tricky, but it pays off when you understand the dynamics of it completely. It is the world of the gig economy where digitalization has paved the way to earn a large amount of money through the internet. It is always the side hustles and the side jobs that can work wonders for an individual. If Deepak’s case is taken as an example, he started content creation as a side hustle which has now become his main profession. Did he predict it would become so? No, he did not! The only thing he was sure about was consistency in his actions. Now, this brings us to the last point that has to be followed by all college students who aspire to be successful in their careers by being vigilant while chasing their dreams. This will only fuel your motivation and provide you with the ability to harbour excellence wherever your passion lies!

Deepak Pareek is an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, TEDx Speaker and Creative Film Producer hailing from Calcutta and is now based in Mumbai, India. For more details, visit



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