Surprise bag checks across some schools of Bangalore have yielded items not suitable for minors.

This incident has sent shockwaves across parents and the academic community; the fact that school students below 16 years of age have got access to things like cigarettes, condoms, and drugs is truly a matter of concern. The school authorities have decided to handle the situation on a slow-paced footing.

Adult Playthings

The Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) had issued a directive to schools in Bangalore to check the school bags of students without prior announcement.

Apparently, there were complaints of students bringing cell phones to school, and also of students harassing and bullying classmates and teachers. But the surprise check yielded more shocking items.

Surprise bag inspection in a Bangalore school

The school authorities revealed condoms, oral contraceptives, cigarettes, lighters, and whiteners in the possession of school children of classes 8, 9, and 10.

D Shashi Kumar, general secretary of KAMS, “Many member schools have been raising concerns about the harmful and toxic items being carried by students secretly in their school bags. When surprise checks were conducted, authorities in different schools were shocked to find such items in the bags of students.”

A school principal said that a condom was found in a class 10 girl’s bag. When questioned, she tried to blame her classmates or co-students for her private tuition.

Kumar also said, “There were oral contraceptives (i-Pill) in one student’s bag. Also, there was alcohol in water bottles”. In another case, a parent discovered a condom on the shoe rack of her 14-year-old son.

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Cautious Approach

The Bangalore schools decided to tackle the dilemma carefully and slowly. They issued notices to parents of the school children, enlightening them about the facts and recommending appropriate guidance.

The schools, instead of choosing mass suspension, opted for strict regulations and counseling sessions. A principal said, “Though we have counseling sessions at schools, we asked parents to seek help for children from outside and granted leave for up to 10 days.”

Another principal of a private school in Bangalore mentioned the carefully curated efforts being put into educating the students. “We have teachers watching the students round the clock in all corners of the school campus. Also, we develop a personal relationship with students to help us know them very well,” he said.

Such a discovery of adult items in school students’ possession is quite alarming with regard to the children’s growth and future prospects. A school teacher said, “We are witnessing very unusual behavior among certain sets of students.

The lack of discipline and interest in academics among certain students is a big concern. Although this trend is not new, as teachers we always strive to prevent students from getting involved in nefarious activities.”

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Sources: Deccan Herald, First Post, The Indian Express

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