Indian stand up comedy and religion don’t go well together. Satirical punches on political situations usually garner a mixed response but majorly issues get ugly.

In the past a lot of comics have been in a tight spot when they chose to comment on Hinduism or the political ideologies around.

Recently a Facebook video went viral which involved two comedians namely, Kunal Kamra and Masoom Rajwani. The two comics can be seen apologising to a group of people who seemed furious.

What was the controversy all about?

A video was released by Paras Rajput (BJP leader) on 30th November where the two comics Masoom Rajwani and Kunal Kamra were seen apologising for a joke they cracked on Hinduism.

In the video one can hear people commenting on how Hinduism is sacred and if a similar joke was cracked on Islam the consequences would’ve been different.

People can also be heard terming the act as a “total blunder” while some also suggested him new topics to perform stand up on.

This entire fiasco can be traced back to 15th April 2018, when Masoom Rajwani performed his piece at Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai. The piece offended a member from the audience who not only interrupted the show but also filed a police complaint.

In this footage Masoom Rajwani is seen apologising and Kunal Kamra is seen pacifying the situation. This video has gone viral all over social media.

Since then social media has blasted off on this entire issue.

Here’s what Paras Rajput posted on his Facebook timeline which was later shared on Twitter-

Kunal Kamra is quite unpopular for his satirical sense of humour and has already been in a lot of trouble. In the past his shows have been cancelled due to his “anti- national” content. The comic was also asked to vacate his flat by the landlord due to the reputation he holds.

The details of the of insult were given in the complaining letter which said “Many offensive vulgar slangs, insulting Lord Rama, Hanuman, Brahma, Lord Kartik and Bhakt Shravana.” 

Here’s a look at the letter complaint-

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Here’s how social media reacted. Comments ran right from terming them as “Hindu phobic bigots” with some others trying to make some sense out of it –

Some were also seen making some sense out of the entire issue- 

And some simply laughed it off-

After viewing this sort of incident the question which here arises is that have we become a nation of touchy people whose sentiments are that easy to hurt? Can’t Indians handle humour or satire? Where is the artistic liberty we boast of?

Or were the jokes genuinely in bad taste?

These questions still remain unanswered. Let’s hope it’s not a bunch of sheep mindlessly following a lame leader.

Sources: Wire, Indian Express, Rightlog

Image Source: Twitter

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  1. Mansi Rawat ji, we all including you very well know that ideologically possessed Quislings like Kamra not only earn their livelihood but present their secular credentials by mocking, denigrating and abusing the indigenous religions of the Subcontinent as well (except for Sikhism and we all know why of that as well). However these ideologically possessed Quislings will never ever try pull the same stunt with either Islam or Christianity……. And this in your face kind shameless and remorseless duplicity is what angers many of the Indians. Otherwise unlike any other major faith traditions not only our (followers of various Sanaatan & Dharmic traditions such as Jainism, Buddhism and those under the umbrella term “Hinduism) classical literature but even the secondary scriptures are filled with irreverence, satire and humour reserved for the deities, holy personages and various concepts inherent in their teachings and justifyingly so – for example if you are not aware of them, it would be a good idea to regale yourself with “Hasya Suktani” to begin with….something we were taught in our Sankrit classes in 6 or 7th grade, in school run by orthodox Hindus and preferred by conservative Hindu parents for their kids……….
    Hence your insinuation regarding our reaction to Kunal Kamra ie. Indians (Hindu Indians specifically) have become intolerant, ultra sensitive and bereft of humour is just so lame (and shameful). It would have been so much more intelligent, more creative, more graceful had you approached Kunal Kamra and asked him (for us) if he would crack same jokes on Abu al Qasim Mohammad, the prophet of Islam which he is so eager to crack on various Hindu deities and revered saints in front of his audience? …If yes then why haven’t we heard them by now? And if no then why? And pursued him like a decent journalist/reporter ought to do. And then shared your questions, his response to them and your take on his responses to wrap up your article instead of wondering aloud if we Hindus have lost our sense of humour and becoming unhealthy thin skinned because we are not amused by the clearly Hinduphobic rants of a politically motivated toxic self-loathing Dhimmi devoid of any shame, scruples, self respect or goodwill whatsoever.


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