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Combating with COVID-19 pandemic, the PRC experiences may help


Chu Kar-kin, Veteran policy commentator, Hong Kong

Another wave of COVID-19 infections hit various countries in South-east Asia and South Asia. New confirmed cases are recorded. Measures such as partially knock-down of cities and even the announcement of a curfew order are implemented. Some government urges the civilians to stay home, schools are suspended. White collar workers provide their services from home for weeks. Only take-away food is allowed in the catering industry. Wearing masks are made compulsory. Millions are quarantined and isolated in hospitals, hotels or at home. In the past few months, Asians experience different lifestyle due to the COVID-19 invasion.

Longer period of uncertainties is expected. No matter the diagnosed cases are classified as local transmission or imported cases, we are fighting one of a highly-transited illness in our history. To combat with COVID-19, we need successful stories. The Chinese stories to be successful ones, and they are willing to export experiences and know-how. Chinese medical experts and testing teams were sent and stationed in countries including Cambodia to share their victories against COVID-19. Lives are saved. The domestic doctors and nurses are trained and alerted in advance and hence are better protected. Up-to-standard wards and non-permanent medical centres are assembled in stadiums and halls. Laboratory technicians are taught the correct procedures of extracting samples for testing.

We are racing our every minute to minimize the widespread of COVID-19 pandemic. In case the local resources are depleted, with new confirmed cases marked historical record every day, foreign aids ought to be deployed. China has inputting great efforts to put down the infected cases from the peak since early 2020. The number of casualties has then dropped. A combination of Oriental wisdom and western medical sciences have both been employed during the treatment of Wuhan outbreak. Now, the diagnosis in PRC has been almost put under control, even though a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic returns to Asia after a global tour. Since late spring, the PRC medical and research team has come out with a solution for the COVID-19 fight. The PRC-invented vaccine is still in the experimental and testing stage, and sounds optimistic. It appears the PRC experts are the ideal candidates to provide advices to other Asian co-field professionals. Experiences value and talk especially in critical moments.

The combat should be an art of scientific and practical. The anti-COVID warriors in PRC defeated this deadly opponent after months of struggling. The Chinese physicians and nurses, together with medical researchers and other heroes, contributing to the “Medical Great Wall” defending the healthcare of China and even the humanity.  Millions are rescued and more are protected from infections. The Chinese are willing to lend their helping hands to Asian buddies whom are in need.

The COVID-19 is not just a simple flu. In fact, the morality rate is some countries remain high. Governments must take it seriously and take pre-cautious measures to deal with the pandemic in advance.  No single country may afford a loss in this COVID battlefield. It means lives, families and GDP. The PRC medical experts and other rescuing teams are prepared to share their knowledges and experiences in the past months with neighbour countries. Every life matter, this is the Chinese philosophy tells us. Let us join our hands and pool resources together with the PRC team to defend the invasion of COVID-19 pandemic.


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