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ChocoBis: A Quick Two Ingredient Chocolate Recipe – We Liv’ED It


By Richa Sharma                                                                    

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and the what-to-gift thoughts must be haunting you because…. it’s a big day, so extra effort toh banta hai!


Are you broke?

Have you no time?

Are the expectations of your partner high?

Were you hoping to romanticize the evening with something handmade? But are handicapped when it comes to DIY?

No problem! We are here to your rescue!

Chocolate is among the best things humans have discovered – their aphrodisiac properties make them the perfect turn on. So many different types of recipes are available on the internet, but this one is the easiest I know. This chocolate recipe has been a secret of mine but I can’t keep it to myself anymore. So here is my “yummiliciously” easy chocolate recipe – which doubles as the perfect love-gift. It’s neither too sweet nor too chocolaty, and has crunchiness too…

Note: All those who have asked me this one question some hundreds of times “how do you make it?” Here is the answer. *tadaaa*

1 (1)

Just-a-minute chocolate recipe.

2 (1)

You need just TWO ingredients. A bar of Dark Chocolate (125gm) and Four Parle-G biscuits.

Melt chocolate in a microwave. 30 secs+30 secs.

After the first 30 secs just break the softened chocolate bar so that it melts evenly. After the next 30seconds your melted chocolate will look something like this:

3 (1)

While the microwave melts your chocolate, crumble 4 Parle-G biscuits using your hands.

4 (1)

Now, pour a spoonful of melted chocolate to the mould. Having a silicon mould is important, it makes de-moulding much easier and less messier. You won’t be wasting any chocolate either. Yes, I know chocolate is precious.

5 (1)

Make sure the chocolate is evenly spread and there are no bubbles. Do this by tapping the mould.
Then generously sprinkle the Parle-G crumbles. It should cover the chocolate layer, forming another layer on it.

6 (1)

Guilty secret: You can lick all the extras if you want it all neat. I do it, ALWAYS. I.Love.Chocolate!
Now pour spoonful of melted chocolate over the biscuit crumbs. Tap the mould once more so that the chocolate is evening spread and there are no bubbles.

7 (1)

Now all you have to do is refrigerate this for 5 minutes and once it is set, you can demould.

8 (1)

After 5 minutes, when you demould the chocolate, this is how it should look.


You can experiment with different mould shapes, try using combinations of white, milk and dark chocolate and maybe even play around with different biscuits. You can also try multiple layering. Basically, it’s chocolate, enjoy heaven!

Make a whole batch, and pack it up in shiny paper… No need to spend that extra penny on that mainstream market product! Pack it with love, and deliver with a kiss. Then, have your own little “Aw” moment!


Before you get mushy thinking about it like I just did, go! Practice.

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