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Charlie Walk, The Iconic Music Executive drives Female Artists to Stardom


 Does female empowerment exist in the music industry? Is feminism a concern or a source of inspiration for musicians? These are looming questions that Charlie Walk fathoms about during his free time. He is an enthusiastic music executive who has catapulted many female artists to stardom but, as he simply puts it, “In the beginning, someone has to believe.” “No one cares until you make them care.” 

Charlie Walk has advised, believed, and nurtured global superstars such as Ariana Grande, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Julia Michaels, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato and Hailee Steinfeld at the beginning of their careers. Throughout his career, he has been identifying talent that he can add value to and help carry out their vision. For this objective to be actualized, Charlie has to lead by example. 

Women empowerment is all about equality- equality means business. One of Charlie Walk’s principles in the workplace is to treat women with the utmost respect and support non-discriminatory behavior. He initiates discussions with his female clients about recent trends that might impact their careers. All these are meant to foster a positive mentality that gives reason a chance, with collaboration the epitome of any professional engagement. 

An assurance that Charlie Walk has given to all female artists that he has worked with- unquestionable support during successful moments, and failures. While society has several stereotypes towards women, Charlie revokes all the assumptions. Any effort directed towards empowering women is about reminding them that they can have the same opportunities as that of men in the music industry. The secret? Establish a sustainable reputation that communicates confidence, charisma, dedication, and cleverness. Charlie’s latest find, Peach Martine, under his direction, has amassed over 18 million likes on TikTok, and 800,000 followers in a short period of time. At only 18 years of age, Peach’s trajectory has her set to break in the year ahead. In fact, Triller has named her one of the best new artists to watch in 2021. 

“The way you win is by having the best music; after that, it is all about strategy,” says Charlie. A common factor that is evident with all the female artists who have worked with him is their ability to maintain relevance and have a long-term mainstay in pop culture. The key, he says, is to understand that an artist is a ‘brand’. If they maintain consistency, and continuously feed their audience with compelling content, their careers have longevity. It’s the management of this that makes the difference. It is also about empowerment, which includes self-control, dictating one’s own terms when it comes to fulfilling personal life goals. A never-giving-up attitude is something that Charlie reiterates to female artist’s success stories; this is a strategic aspect that anyone can adopt if they have the zeal and drive to be successful. However, He cautions all new up and coming artists, “Just because you’re a singer doesn’t automatically qualify you as a superstar!” as he shouted out on stage at a recent Music Mastery mastermind event. 

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