If the last few years of my political conscience has taught me anything, it’s the fact that no Indian politician will hold accountability of their disaster, whatsoever.

I am sure that in a country where the second anthem is “Bhai thoda adjust karlo”, this shouldn’t come across as a surprise.

If you’re still not sure of what I’m talking about, then you my friend, are yet another man in trap, thinking you don’t even deserve the basic standards of living because at the end of the day, it all comes to, “sab chalta hai yaar!”

To further strengthen my point, I want you to do the math. How many politicians have resigned or apologized without any political pressure?

Expecting a politician to resign in remorse or apologize, would be bottom-line angelic for him. It’s the shit that God’s do, not our modern day “fakir”.

This brings me to the absolute loss of political accountability in the last few years of political scenario. If at all, anyone has resigned, it’s the government officials and bureaucrats.

Does that mean the politicians are pure and pious? I wish they were. Does that mean we’re back to being the “golden bird” again?

I’d like you to recall the recent medical causalities and the number of man scavenging deaths before you reach a conclusion.

How Do We Get Things Done Then?

The first solution that naturally comes to my mind is- elections; a pretty obvious one I’d say. Vote out people who fail to deliver their promises?

Come to think of it as a solution only to find yourself juggling between the options- the worse and the worst.

Ideally a politician must care about the elections and he does; but if you’d go back in history, you know they’ve resolved the issue and have been practicing the tried and tested formula of religious appeasement.

If at all it doesn’t work (which it always does), there’s a weapon of social media and fake news as the next resort.

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Strikes, Protests? Nah!

Okay not completely “Nah” but if strikes and protests were really affective, Congress wouldn’t have been in power for so many years and BJP wouldn’t have got the mandate it did.

Considering we live in a democracy; we cannot deny the power of protests in India and the right for people to express their dissent. If at all, the Government fails to bother, it is the people who get educated and aware of the conditions of their fellow citizens.

How does it help? A small number of people would not blindly vote for a faulty government even if they hold a privileged position in life.

Now that we are out of direct legal steps that a common man can take against the politicians for failing to deliver their duties, what are we left with?

The Right To A Legal Procedure Against A Guilty Minister For Failing To Provide A Basic Decent Life

Many in the country may not be aware of the basic difference between a luxury and a necessity. It is for this reason that a common man who is unaware of what he deserves, does not even stand up for the most basic needs he must be acquainted to.

Majority of the population does not have a decent life. By “decent life” I am not referring to their inability to party or hold an iPhone.

The necessities can go to as basic as clean water, air, food, proper healthcare treatments, proper sanitation or for that matter- a proper home.

Education and jobs would still be counted as secondary considering the state of people and their struggle to survive.

While the international media and politicians are expressing their concern over the water crisis and pollution in India, government still dares to eradicate the mangroves!

It is thus deemed necessary for legal trials and procedures to be held in the court against the politicians that fail to take necessary step to provide citizens, a minimally decent life.

It is thus necessary to not just ask questions but take real steps to snatch away the power of a minister that fails. Many would easily forget but let me make a last reminder:


Source: The Hindu, Indian Express, India Today

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