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Businessmen like Jacob Judah are the future faces of tech industries


Meet Jacob Judah and his amazing AR technology-based start-up. Jacob is a young passionate entrepreneur-investor based in London. He is one of the young businessmen that is grinding hard and might make their names to the fortune 500 someday. While Jacob’s experience majorly revolves around taking application concepts through to market, he is highly fascinated by the potential of augmented reality (AR). The fact that it will disrupt conventional industries in the future.

Jacob says that he is looking to connect with like-minded people and is very dedicated to networking as well. Before moving onto this AR-based project of his own, he created apps for ios. His portfolio of those apps and games in total generated over 10 million downloads. Later he found a deep interest in future-oriented technologies. His passion for innovative technologies and their implementation got him into the capital investment business. Jacob invests in start-ups that promote problem-solving strategies and would benefit the human race in some way. Some time ago, he started working on this start-up based on digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology.

Jacob feels that AR-VR is going to be the next common computing platform. Since in most parts of the world, AR and VR have not yet become a conventional technology. While talking about his venture and the doors it opens in other engineering and entertainment fields, he also told us about his hobbies. Jacob is a traveler and a beach person by heart. He likes the beach, lavish yachts, extravagant parties, and dressing up, which you can also confirm through his Instagram. He continually works on his business skills and evolving as a technology innovator. His vision towards his goals and his dedication towards acquiring and creating new businesses is awe-inspiring. Jacob’s journey will inspire more people to come, and his story will set an example for aspiring youngsters. 

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