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BullyProof: The Campaign Against Body Shaming Targeting Pakistani Girls


Nobody is born perfect’, they said, and still went on to comment on your size, skin, and every other ‘flaw’ they found. We all have our stories of insecurities and battles. While some are subtly left it in the past, some would travel with us to our grave.

In a victim’s world, all we need is for someone to listen to us, and understand us. Well, BULLYPROOF is the answer. It is a ray of hope on this deaf planet.

BullyProof is a social awareness campaign against bullying and body shaming, targeting Pakistani students, and hoping to create a healthier environment in classrooms.

They organize workshops in schools where students are made aware of the implications of bullying, through real life stories.


BullyProof’s Aim

Started by lawyer-environmentalist Zainab Chughtai, the campaign concentrates on various aspects and implications of bullying, and aims to foster qualities like empathy, equality and kindness among the young lads. Recently, the team released a video showcasing various Pakistani women who have been body shamed in the past.

Though body shaming hasn’t been talked about much, it is a phenomenon that we all have faced, at some point or another. Things like these are often done for fun, but just like the repeated telecast of Hindi television serials, body shaming starts getting on one’s nerves. Sadly, reacting to these situations often backfires, leaving the victim in an even more devastated state.

BullyProof’s Video Against Body Shaming


BullyProof’s video shows the kind of scars body shaming has left on the lives of these few Pakistani women. Even when they have gained acceptance of who and how they are, memories of being teased at the age of 10 or 12 still haunts them.

The practice of body shaming and bullying has prevailed in our society for quite some time now, but have you ever wondered, why these practices have flourished, and managed to make us feel low about ourselves?

It is because we are humans and are born with emotions. But, mind you, we are not born with insecurities. The constant taunt engraves itself in us, and makes us want to hate ourselves.

Well, become strong. Don’t let it get to you. ACCEPT YOURSELF.

For those who would say the above statement, let me make one thing clear. It is YOU who is unable to accept me the way I am. I was always happy in my own skin, until one fine day a harsh hitting arrow destroyed who I was.

There is probably not going to be an end to this, but if you just give it a thought, there might be one.

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