McDonald’s brought a revolution in India when the Vada Pav eating population started devouring on Burgers. Then came Burger King, aiding to a market that was already established.

What was common between these two? That they identified a unique niche i.e. the ‘burgers’, produced a food chain out of it and hence, excelled in establishing a name.

It’s 21st century and we are ready for another food revolution. With a unique food chain coming up for every other food item, it was about time that the art of ‘sandwich making’ (pun definitely not intended) was taken care of.

For the longest of times, every eatery disappointed me when it came to sandwiches. It is only recently that I happen to gorge on an absolute gastronomic beauty of a sandwich that made me believe that a sandwich specific eatery is on it’s way of establishment.

Buéno Café
Buéno Café in Gurugram.

You heard that right. The people at Buéno Café have finally realised the struggles of sandwich eating population. I really believe that these people have what it takes to be another Burger King or McDonald’s of sandwiches.

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So, you ask me why? I went to McDonald’s for the very first time because no other place offered me what they did. Buéno has that covered. Chicken Tikka, Bombay and Garden Sandwiches are some sandwiches from their menu to sooth your tongue! Unique food, check.

Did Burger King compromise on taste just because they were one of the few brands offering an item which no one else did? No, right? Buéno definitely does not compromise on taste.

Food in Buéno has this fresh feel to it. Prepared out of in house healthier options, the sandwiches don’t disappoint when it comes to taste either.

You visit the café not because they are the only ones with sandwiches on their menu but because “damn, what amazing sandwiches!”. So, check.

Lastly, these brands became an instant hit because they provided unique food at economical prices. Buéno is pretty economical.

Not only the sandwiches but even other customer favourite items like Pesto Pasta, Mocha Cookies or Pastries are all in affordable prices. Reasonably priced food, check!

Desserts are another forté of Buéno.

There, Buéno, remember the name because it’s all set to make it’s way to food courts around you.

Currently, they have 2 outlets in Gururgram and 1 outlet in Akshardham. I visited the café and I must tell you that another revolutionary concept about the café is that it’s a ‘no wifi-no alcohol-no loud music’ zone. Something that is definitely going to force people to visit.

Some minimalistic light place, to have a light snack every now and then is the food revolution we need in our lives. Technology has transcended all boundaries, a little off time to devour into a sandwich is the revolution we absolutely need!

So, visit Buéno for that lifestyle change and ‘sandwich-y’ food revolution you needed all along.

Picture Credits: Buéno Café

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