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I have been feeling bitter since morning. We have officially completed one month of isolation period and for me, it is the 37th day of my quarantine period. Sometimes it becomes difficult to stay positive with the whole idea of social distancing.

It is difficult to focus on logic and do the needful! But if you have a good and smart set of friends, they can sometimes lift you up and make you feel better!

Karthik, a friend of mine did the same to me! While I was throwing tantrums over WhatsApp, he was trying to heal my mind with positive words and asked me to embrace this uncertain and uncomfortable feeling.

According to him, we are privileged and if we look around, we can find myriad of positive aspects which can keep us going even during this prolonged period of isolation. 

After listening to him, I somehow took his casual words seriously and tried to note down all the incidents thoroughly which impacted my body and mind positively! Here, I will be sharing with you what good isolation offered to me so far.

Almost no bra for a month:

Yes! You read it right! I spent almost a month without wearing a bra. Nowadays I put on a bra only when I need to go out or I do my regular exercise. That’s it! As a result, the dark mark which happened to be there on my back because of the bra has gone now. The pain is also gone along with the mark.

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No random date

Sometimes I feel, I was living like a machine. I had a job for weekdays and some random temporary dates and friends for weekends. Dates used to include random drinking and small talks which as usual led to nothing. I did not spend a single penny on a cigarette stick and alcohol for the last month.

Not only did it save me money, but it also gave me back an old lifestyle of mine which was healthier and happier with a small friend circle and a lot of family time. In last one month, I discovered if a person is willing to stay, they will just stay anyway.

Distance, physical connections hardly make differences if the intention is right. And now I know whom to meet again when this lockdown gets over.

The smell of books

Well! I am not able to read all the books offline, but I am slowly rekindling my reading habits and reading poems like there is no tomorrow. I am getting inspired by writing like old days and scribbling according to wish. It is pleasing my mind and soul.

Break the chain

This lockdown helped me to break the chain of my mundane life. Social distancing interrupted my regular life and initially pushed me to live a simpler life which includes sleep, exercise, homemade food and hobbies. It gave me space to attend my classes which I could hardly manage before the quarantine. 

I know this lockdown has a serious negative impact on the economy with daily wagers and migrant workers facing turbulence because of this prolonged shutdown. I am privileged enough and that is the only reason I have faced less difficulty in terms of my financial stability.

Earning my daily bread did not become a challenge. And this is the reason I could focus on my body and soul. 

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