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Every person has a guilty pleasure. Some eat pizza with pineapple topping, and some watch dramas on Indian Television. 

Daily soaps in India have a lot of virality factors. Their content has sparked meme fest on social media. But it’s not just the daily soaps, reality television, nowadays, is more dramatic than daily soaps. I prefer reality shows over daily soaps.

The Cringe Factor

We all have witnessed judges tearing up during a contestant’s performance, not because of how well they performed, but on remembering their back story. In some of the shows, one has to play some games that are unrelated to the content of the show to generate the content for the audience. 

reality shows over daily soaps

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There is also some strategy, like the elimination drama and then declaring that it was just a prank. There are fewer twists and turns in the daily soaps than in reality dramas.

The Hero Worship

We have always seen lead pairs in daily soaps, but now even reality shows have turned into dating shows. There’s a developing storyline where one contestant is the hero, he has a love interest, and then he fights on, to win the show. 

The daily soaps have immensely inspired reality shows to be more hero-centric rather than talent-centric. One of the hosts also mentioned that if the audience like it, then why not? 

Love Of The Toxic Fans

Reality shows are mostly scripted and biased toward one. Whenever judges try to favour one contestant, the fans of other people on the show start a trend accusing the judges to be biased. These fans start Twitter wars and abuse the channel and the judges. 

Reality shows have seasonal fans and have a scope for change, but daily soaps have the same set of boring audiences. Daily soaps do not have such enthusiastic fans on social media. Therefore, they are far behind in popularity. 

These are why I prefer watching reality shows rather than the old generation’s daily soaps. Both lack sense, but at least reality shows have some new drama and a better script.

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