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Since the day we’re born till the day we die, our parents always want what’s best for us. Be it the best clothes, the best environment, the best education – everything has to be of top-notch quality. However, what they don’t tell us are the pros and cons of it.

I come from a school in Kolkata that was the best during my time. GD Birla Centre For Education had promised my parents a holistic development, best education and a safe environment. Who could turn that down?

However, it’s been 4 years since I passed out and 3 years since I graduated college. You would think that college would be more welcoming and more liberal, but in my case it wasn’t so.

“Oh My God, You Drink Tea From The Stalls On The Footpath?”

This statement was the first thing I heard when I entered college. The moment my seniors heard about my educational background, I was branded as a rich snobbish kid who has her head in the sky.

If I ever suggested that let’s have egg toast from the shop right outside my college, I was told,

“You eat street food? I thought cafes and restaurants were the only places your highness would feast on.”

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And God forbid if I ever said stuff like, let’s take a metro or a bus, let’s go to some ghat, or let’s go to Nandan (a place which sells really cheap movie tickets), my seniors would look at me like they’ve seen a ghost. Apparently, people like me only “go to shopping malls and can’t travel by public transport” because we are “too delicate.”

Throughout my college life, I was “that kid from GD Birla – a school for rich brats.” My individuality had boiled down to that one identity.

The subtle taunts and talking behind my back did hurt for a while but then I turned a blind eye towards them. What was the point of it anyway? It’s not like I could change the way they perceived me regardless of what I did. I would still be that kid and guess what? I’m proud to be that kid.

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