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I was a naïve and innocent girl when I entered the gates of my college. Within my heart, I was aware that college won’t be easy and we wouldn’t be spoon-fed like we used to be in our schools. However, my college life has made a significant impact on me and I am grateful for it.

Out of three years of college, I only attended two semesters offline, while the rest were held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Studying online is definitely hard. You are alone, sitting with your study material and laptop, and staring at the screen from where teachers used to communicate with us.

Online classes

From time to time, we were given various assignments that we were supposed to do in an unconventional manner. I say this because being a journalism student, I didn’t get to record audio assignments in the audio lab, I didn’t get to shoot documentaries outside, or do a lot of assignments that we would have done had COVID not been here.

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However, our teachers forced us to still do these assignments, but in an unconventional manner. We ideated, produced, and edited all of our assignments at home and learned new skills which I feel we might haven’t learned if we had offline classes.

We were made to do a lot of written assignments which helped me hone my writing skills and also helped me find my passion for writing.

Also, our teachers always asked us to do things that weren’t college related and kept asking us time and again what we were up to. Thus, this made me start blogging and now I do it because I love blogging and not because I have to tell my teachers what I was doing in life besides studying.  

My college, specifically my teachers have played an important role in shaping the current version of myself. They have always appreciated me when I was doing the right thing and were also concerned if something wrong used to happen. I didn’t grow this way 14 years the way I grew in just three years. It has been a magical journey. 

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