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COVID-19 has changed the way our industry works. One major shift that has been observed is from the conventional 9-5 jobs to freelancing.

A concept that was very much limited to a few selected people before COVID is now becoming increasingly popular among the masses. In these past few months, several employees witnessed lay-offs and salary cuts. 

Hundreds of companies carried out mass layoffs during COVID-19

It allowed many talented people to start something of their own. People started their ventures and thus, the trend of freelancing started taking off. It gives one the chance to work on their clock, deal with more than one client at once, and most importantly, be their own boss.

I, however, prefer 9-5 jobs over freelancing any day. There are several reasons for this, and I have listed a few here.

Not Knowing What Lies Ahead Of Me Is Daunting 

In a 9-5 job, I know what I have to do every day. That’s what most people refer to as “boredom” or “dull and set routine”. But for me, this is one of the major reasons why I would choose a 9-5 job over freelance.

I would set foot in the office every day knowing exactly how my day is going to look like. This also gives me the advantage of planning for other things well in advance and allocating time to other stuff in a better way. 

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I Am Too Afraid Of “The Fear”

Remember when Chandler encouraged Rachel to follow her dreams and overcome “the fear” when he himself was too afraid of it? I could not relate to any television character anymore. 

The uncertainty that lies with any new venture scares the bejesus out of me. Hundreds of people start something of their own with high hopes and dreams, but how many of them actually find success? COVID has only added on to this fear.

Freelancing Is No Joyride Either

In freelancing, there are days when one has tons of work to do, and a lot of leads lined up. However, there are days of sheer boredom and no work also. The cash flow is not constant. 

You are your own boss, yet controlled by the demands of your client. You pitch in your idea, work on the quotation, and it can all go in vain if the client drops out in the end. In a job, a fixed pay at the month-end would be given to you irrespective of all these factors.

Having said this, I do not hate freelancing. Jobs have several disadvantages of their own, of course. But if left to me, I would choose a 9-5 job over freelancing any day.

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