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In the fast-moving world that we are currently living in, all of us are running around the clock 24/7. We are consistently striving to get more and more done and are belittling ourselves and our achievements because we want to meet the expectations of people around us.

Most people, including myself, tend to take up extra work because either we cannot say NO or we simply do not want to miss out on opportunities. We have grown up believing that denying somebody for help is rude and arrogant, however, it is not the case.

One should only offer help when one is in a position to do so. It is pivotal to say NO to extending help when you already have a lot on your plate.

Why You Should Start Saying NO More Often

Respect For Time

By being authentic and honest right from the beginning, you are saving not only your time but also the other person’s time. Taking up a project and not being able to deliver it up to the expectations will have far worse consequences than a simple NO right in the beginning.

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 Better Clarity On Your Priorities

Saying NO might be hard but not when you know your priorities right. When you evaluate a new proposal before taking it up, you take a closer look at your current obligations and priorities. This will reassure what matters to you and what does not.

Improves Productivity And Efficiency

Saying NO to something ultimately means saying YES to something else. Giving your 100% to the tasks that matter the most to you will undoubtedly improve your productivity, thereby decreasing stress and improving your control on your lifestyle.

Level Up Your Confidence

When you step out of a proposal, you do so by speaking up for yourself and your priorities. So, you deserve a pat on your back for doing so. Confrontation enhances confidence and you start prioritizing yourself by denying something that is out of your league.

While saying NO is crucial, what is more important is the art of saying NO. You cannot push something down the drain for no reason at all. Denying something respectfully and with proper justification is the key to success. 

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