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In the last few days, there is a vegan movement going around social media with an agenda of forcing Bengalis to quit eating fish! This is not the first time such vegan movements have taken place.

This country has always had a serious problem with Bengalis in terms of their lifestyle and food habits and every year this problem increases drastically during Navratri.

While the whole of North-India and some parts of South-India follow a tradition of eating vegetarian food during these auspicious nine days of Navratri, Bengalis fill their platters with fish, meat, eggs and whatnot.

On one hand, Bengalis celebrate their biggest festival Durga Puja, on the other hand, they choose not to compromise on their pet puja too! 

Why does this happen?

It happens because Durga Puja is not all about rituals and religion to Bongs.

During this period of puja, Bengalis cherish the strength of womanhood and Devi Durga.

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Bengalis tend to call Devi Durga as Uma, the daughter of King Himalaya who visits her home once a year. Uma visits her home along with her children and Bengalis keep no stone unturned to make the daughter feel happy.

Can you imagine an emotional and long-awaited homecoming while you are keeping great food aside?

No man!

We Bengalis cannot do it!

Any occasion is incomplete without good food. So when we celebrate Uma’s homecoming, how can it be all vegetarian?

Durga Puja is like a vibrant carnival to the Bengalis which is filled with a lot of life, colour, culture and tradition and honestly, the whole idea of enjoyment cannot be complete without great non-veg food.

So better not expect us to eat bhindi fry and aloo curry during Navrati. It is never going to happen. Nah! 

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