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“Baby I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream,” this particular line from Taylor Swift’s famous song “Blank Space” has probably been once on every one of our social media handles. 

Well, if not for you, at least it is true for me. My teenage phase was quite influenced and dominated by Taylor Swift songs. Yes, I was a “swiftie”. My teenage years also witnessed me being highly engaged with social media. Most of my posts had lyrics from Taylor Swift’s songs

Not a day went by when I didn’t hear a few of Taylor Swift’s songs. Literally, my days began with her songs, I ate lunch watching her music videos, and I slept to her songs. Yes, it can be said that her songs acted like lullabies for me.

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From songs like Blank Space to Love Story, Wildest Dreams, and Look What You Made Me Do, I knew each of their lyrics by heart. So much so, I could recreate a full-blown Taylor Swift concert. 

Of course, they are not even an inch near Taylor’s concerts, however, I could manage it well with a mobile phone’s torch, a remote as a mic, a nice dress, and music videos playing on television. 

Honestly, they weren’t bad at all. I was really proud of my make-shift concerts back then. However, now when I think of it, I think it was cringy. 

But, one fact that I can’t ever deny is that Taylor Swift has brightened my teenage days. She has always been with me, through hell and heaven. And today, I thank Taylor Swift for the same. All I want to say is I love you, Swift!

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