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Louis Vitton, Hermes, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Versace, Chanel, Gucci, Dior…brands that spell luxury at its finest. The Indian economy is ‘shining’ indeed and the marked increase in people’s purchasing power has boosted the fortunes of many such luxury brands. But what is this obsession with status that prompts the Indian upper classes to shell out sky-high amounts for?

India’s love affair with luxury began when the first LV store opened in The Oberoi, Delhi in 2003 followed by a host of others and now the DLF Emporio mall stands as a testament to this fixation. It paved the way for buyers living not only in the metros but also the tier 2 cities like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Indore, etc. Prior to these brands arrival in India, there were a mere handful of people who had the knowledge, interest and access to the super-brands given their foreign travels and extensive exposure. They also looked up to American and European royalty and Hollywood stars like Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco, Liz Taylor and a few others for inspiration.

   Jackie Kennedy carrying Gucci              Princess Diana carrying Lady Dior        Garce Kelly carrying Hermes
Nowadays, there are two distinct forms of fashionistas in our society. The first are the ones who are fashion conscious and brand conscious, but spend on a label because they understand the quality and look and don’t always go for bags, shoes, belts and other accessories that scream out the label with a more-than healthy dose of the signature monogram splashed all over. They opt for styles that make a statement but are subtle, yet add that extra zing to an outfit.
The others are the ones who are more brand-conscious than fashionable, and spend on a label because they crave to be perceived as part of the moneyed, high society circle. For these people luxury goods are tickets to higher social standing and they only go for those products where the brand logo is prominent. Would they then, buy a dress from a brand that would cost the same amount if it doesn’t have the logo?
I, myself am a brand conscious person but not to the extent to spend on something that is only to show off a signal that says “hey look at me; I’ve spent on such an expensive brand”.

So go ahead and invest in a branded item, not to show off the money, instead to enjoy and value the superiority of the craftsmanship!

Accessories without a Monogram:
Bottega Veneta Clutch

Hermes Birkin
Gucci Scarf
Fendi Bag

Accessories with a Monogram:
Louis Vuitton belts with monogram/LV logo buckle
Fendi bag with monogram
Gucci scarf with monogram
Louis Vuitton bags with monogram


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