No matter how limited your followers are on Instagram or Facebook, you will always see TikTok videos in your feed, there is just no escaping them.

For people who don’t know what (now TikTok) is, it’s kind of Instagram just for videos where budding actors and actresses, especially from India, give their audition to the rest of the world by acting out movie scenes or by dancing.

It sort of lets you create your own take on music videos or movie scenes from your mobile camera.

See, I am not going to deny, some videos were really good and innovative but that has changed after became TikTok and everyone in India got access to the internet. This started an afflux of weird videos all over social media.

How weird? Men literally upload videos of them crying and acting out for reasons unknown for public viewing.

“Boys who cry passionately on Musically India” is a Facebook page dedicated for, as the title suggests, Indian boys crying on TikTok.

In fact, for a brief period of time, there was even a crying challenge on TikTok. The challenge died but the pain of these poor souls did not and they continued making videos of them crying.

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The videos can be divided into the categories of entertaining, weird, and severely unpleasant.

You have your normal videos of guys crying over their lost love with funny special effects.

There are weird videos with people crying excessively and even adding effects to their cries like CGI face of their exes and some even drool.

People pour water on their face, to show that they have cried a lot or worked out a lot while crying, I have no clue why.

Then there are videos which make you cringe. These are the videos of guys with blood on their face, some guys lying and crying on the floor, some hurting themselves while crying.

However, there is no denying that these videos are damn entertaining and the 50k likes on a page about something so specific is evident of that.

The page “Boys who cry passionately on Musically India” is, in fact, the greatest page known to mankind and my personal favorite star on the page is @ajaysarkar123.

Going through the videos, one thing is for certain, these people are really good at crying. I am genuinely confused till date whether they are faking it for views or if they are actually in that much pain.

If the videos are an act then you have to accept that these guys are darn good actors. If not, then TikTok needs to create a #moveonchallenge to help out these souls ridden of pain.

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