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7 Stellar Performances By Boman Irani- You Can’t Forget These


By Mehak Bahri

Beyond the glimmer of the Khans and the Kapoors of the film industry are the likes of actors that don’t carry a family name on their shoulders, don’t have sizzling six pack abs and beautiful ladies as their arm candies. These actors usually aren’t the main “heroes” of the movies, yet they leave such a lasting impact that it becomes impossible to ignore them.

One such actor is the very talented, the suave villain and a laughter riot Mr. Boman Irani! The man who debuted in Bollywood at the age of 40! At the age of 50, the Khans are still playing the heroes and chasing after women who are of their daughters’ age, but not your Boman sir! He debuted with Munnabhai MBBS, as a practical and protective father, one whom we had a love hate relationship with. Ever since then, Boman Irani has been unstoppable, portraying the coolest characters on screen and carrying his knack of charms.

boman 1

The variety of roles that he has performed have definitely showcased him as one of the finest, but underrated actor (he has just won one filmfare award!) I mean, how did he NOT win the award for a gay magazine editor in Dostana?

Here are some of the diverse and iconic roles played by Boman Irani that show us the amazing persona of this actor!

1. Don- As Vardaan, the baddie and DCP DeSilva

Boman Irani played a sort of double role in the new Don movie as the uncanny DCP DeSilva, whom nobody suspected of deceit. As Vardaan, the villain, he was sophisticated, mean and so classy that we all kind of liked baddies even more.

boman 3

2. Khosla ka Ghosla- as Khurrana

The brilliance of a nasty, plotting and potbellied rich Delhi businessman was portrayed with sheer perfection by Boman Irani. The belligerent drunk who plays games with the commoners is such a usual thing we see in Delhi. Ironically, we loved the mean streak we saw Boman Irani had in this movie along with tactical comedy. No one could have played the wicked conman better.

boman 5

3. 3 Idiots- as Viru Sahastrabuddhi, aka VIRUS

He won a very deserving film fare award for his role as VIRUS in 3 idiots. How many times did we repeat “Life is a race” that Boman Irani spoke of with his horrible lisp? The sullen face he carried throughout the movie and his iron ruling on the engineering college was amazeballs. The hair, the 7 minute power nap, Velcro buttons were timed to such perfection which proved the versatility of Boman Irani.

boman 6

4. Lage Raho Munnabhai- as Lucky Singh

A Parsi actor, playing a typical Sardar who carried off the accent, expressions, personality and not to mention the red and yellow turbans in such an amazing approach literally blew my mind. I bet real Sardars can’t play such roles as expertly as Boman Irani. A doting father, loud showoff, also a conman, the perfect amalgamation for this role!

boman 7

5. Well Done Abba- as Armaan Ali

Another versatile role of Boman Irani has a modest man looking to find a suitable groom for his daughter and landing up in the mess of the system is one of the best roles he has played up till now. He was a man fighting the system who kept us entertained as he found laughter in the potholes, and along with him, we laughed as well. A beautiful, but underrated movie is a must watch if you want to see some ‘real’ acting.

boman 8

6. Goal- as Tony Singh

I can’t stress enough about the diversity of the characters played by Boman Irani. Though this movie was declared as an ‘average’ movie, Boman Irani’s brooding portrayal of an ex-coach and diehard fan of South hall cut a niche for itself. He played a dark and ruminating man who had suffered much for patriotism for his team which had made him that way. Though the role may sound like a cliche, but the performance was worth it.  

Boman Irani in Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal shown to user

7. Dostana- as Murli, or ‘M’

I’ve saved the best for the last! This role of ‘M’ is actually the dessert of Boman’s career. He plays Priyanka Chopra’s gay boss, and my god the acting made me wonder if he actually has a wife. He played a gay role better than the two main protagonists of Dostana. And the dancing steps that he taught during a drunken camaraderie were HILARIOUS. This one is my personal favorite and I cannot get over how stylish ‘M’ was!

boman 10

Whatever the role was, Boman Irani carried it out with such utmost perfection. To become such an esteemed actor, he didn’t even have to rip off his shirt and show off his abs while dancing with the heroine and killing the ‘gundas’. His talent spoke volumes for him, as it did to us.

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  1. i agree that irani is one of the most underrated actors in indian cinema. i always marvel at his acting and timing skills. he’s fabulous.


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