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Biological Names Are Actually Harry Potter Spells!


We are all familiar with the fear of Taxonomical Nomenclature a.k.a. long scientific names… But if you chill and think about it, a lot of these names sound like something from J.K.Rowling’s International Best seller series: Harry Potter. Don’t see it yet? Here is a small demo…

1. Passer Domesticus – House sparrow – Dumbledore found a new way to send students home… Teleport spell running through muggle street homes. No more 9¾ platform!


2. Pongo Pygmaeus – Borean Orangutan – Transformational spell. Turns opponent into a Pygmy Dog. (Stereotypically, Pongo is a dog name)

Bornean orang-utan, Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.

3. Platanista minor – Indus River Dolphin – A germination spell from Pomona Sprouts’ classroom. Makes the seed grow into a small tree (Psst… Platan means tree)


4. Haematopus – American Oystercatcher – A deadly curse. Turns blood to pus. Not a good way to die… (Look at that eye!)


5. Ajaja ajaja – Roseate Spoonbill – Move over “Accio”! This is the hindi version of the summoning spell from Harri Puttar *secretly cries*


6. Naja Naja – Cobra – The spell which inhibits all movement (especially exit) of the opponent… The magical Straight Jacket spell; just like a cobra’s venom.


7. Lama Glama – Llama – This is the transformation spell used by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother (who studied at Hogwarts). It can glam up the lousiest animals. (Not that the Llama is lousy, we are just trying to exemplify how powerful the spell is.)


8. Esox – Pike Fish – The online store where Mrs. Weasley buys her family’s socks from. This is the delivery spell for that site. COD not available.


9. Hymenopetrous formicidae – Ant – Madam Pomfrey’s healing spell for broken hymens. Hogwarts has a reputation.


10. Anser indicus – Bar-Headed Goose – A cheat spell invented by the Slytherin House to get hints to answers in exams. But they were caught by Dumbledore and penalized. However, the spell can still be cast for non-exam queries.


11. Gossypium Herbaceum – Cotton – All muggle women are cast with this spell with makes them “chat” incessantly, while all males use cotton earplugs because of it.


12. Gryllus Texensis – Field Cricket – Hagrid’s secret to his mouth-watering Texan Grilled Pumpkin.



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