With the winter chill turning harsh by the day, members and Volunteers of Being Sevak Charitable Trust run *Winter Donation Drive* and help the  homeless over more then one month of drive in this winter. “This drive has always been a part of “Street Cause” with an aim to help the homeless, visually impaired person and Under-privileged childrens to cope up with the severe cold in the month of winter.
Being Sevak charitable trust, a national level NGO working for the upliftment of the poor, underprivileged and disabled people have been providing support and livelihood to thousands of families in the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.
As the whole world, prepares to celebrate Christmas with their families, friends and loved ones, they enjoyed by decorating Christmas trees, making parties, devouring lavish meals and shopping in winter. Being Sevak Charitable trust, an NGO in Mumbai and their team of young volunteers decided to celebrate the Season of Christmas in a unique and heartfelt manner.
The true essence of Christmas is the joy of giving! As the Christmas season occurs in the month of December which is the peak month of winter in india. As part of its *Winter donation drive,* Being Sevak members and volunteers dressed as secret santas and done the distribution of 5000 Blankets, Gifts, Food-Kits and Hygiene Kits for those who need some real magic and loads of happiness in their lives on the occassion of Christmas and tried to spread joy, love, care among visually impaired people, Underprivileged Childrens and homeless citizens in major slums and parts of Mumbai, Gujarat, Palghar, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu and West-Bengal.
The NGO took the noble initiative to distribute under the leadership of our Senior Volunteers and Members like Mr. Siddhant Ahire, Mansi Pawar, Preeti Kumbhar, Naresh Bhanushali, Somil Kadecha, Mahendra Pal they believe that helping poor people is the noblest work in the world and it is the duty of every humankind to help the poor and the needy people.
The Trustee Mr. Priyank Shah Says as an Human it is our responsibility to help humanity wherever we can! and in this winter it is the right time  to spread cheer and warmth and bring hope in a few families that we have been able to touch. He also appreciated and gave thanks to students and volunteers from various colleges, NGO’s and Clubs who were associated with the winter donation Drive.
Ms Preeti Kumbhar Senior Volunteer head says that through joy of giving campaign, my volunteer team understands that giving is not just about charity but about bringing genuine smiles to innocent people and receiving their heartfelt blessings by distributing their team also took the opportunity to spread awareness on safety measures to be followed to prevent rising covid 19 cases.
With the end of 2021, Being Sevak Charitable Trust is working towards creating a better, safer and happier 2022 for the low income, visually impaired and weaker sections of the society through various awareness campaigns, community centers, youth development and life-skills programs, medical camps, food and essentials by distributind and reaching out to more needy people on a grass-root level.


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