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ED Goes Behind the Scenes For PETA & Neil Nitin Mukesh’s PhotoShoot Against Elephants Cruelty


This Ganesha Chaturthi season, PETA has come up with another interesting campaign with Neil Nitin Mukesh to stop elephant rides.

In support of this cause Economy Decoded was present at the shoot and covered behind the scenes.

Look ahead to find the scenario that takes place after the shoot is over:

1. The studio: The shoot took place at one of the most iconic Bollywood places of Mumbai, the Mehboob studio. Many beautiful films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Guzarish etc. have been shot here.


2. Insides of the studio: If one flipped through old films, we might just find these statues in some scene.


3. Bollywood Ess-Style: Because celebrity vans make the mark. You could find many of them parked around the area. Actors Actors all around!


4. The Campaign: The main message to be circulated was that elephant rides shouldn’t happen, as unnecessarily decorating elephants and forcing them to walk just for the sake of entertainment is clearly animal cruelty and shouldn’t be practised.

Here, Neil Nitin Mukesh is chained and shackled in his debut PETA campaign to demonstrate the suffering elephants used for rides, endure.


5. Lighting: It was like entering a surreal world with all the professional equipment around. Popular photographer Rohan Shrestha made very good use of this and did a perfect photo shoot.


6. The Make-up: One of the most essential parts of the shoot, nobody looks that perfect unless with some make up on. We had one of India’s best makeup artist and hairstylist at work: Amit Parekh and Wasim Shaikh Ahmed. Seeing the transformation that comes after make-up and watching how each strand of hair makes a difference to the shoot was very interesting.


7. Agony of a photographer: The number of photographer from different news channels were huge which lead to a lot of “Neil sir one shot here, look corner please, no sir here please” in the crowd. People literally had to bend backwards to get one good picture of him. But being one tiny person it was easy to snuck in a corner and get really nice pictures.


8. Video Coverages: Channels like Times now, Zee news etc. were present to get a live statement from Neil Nitin Mukesh about his debut in the PETA society. It was very exciting to be a part of such an aura where such big names were present and how professionally they carried out their questions.

Neil’s replies were surely heartfelt especially the mention of his dog “Maximus”.


9. Touch Up: After so many pictures and interviews it was time for touch, to keep that face glowing. But not much touch up was needed by the beautiful face. *Just a little star struck*


10. More Interviews: Then on a personal level each news channel also did a question answer round with Neil Nitin Mukesh, majorly related to this PETA campaign and his upcoming movie Wazir! It was amazing to see his dedication towards acting and his talk about his transformation from a boy next door to villains with an edge.


It is surely a very genuine campaign and ED would love it, if you supported the cause. We support PETA in this noble cause.

Treat Animals like you want to be treated!

Nishita Karun
Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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