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BBC Hindi Confuses Cricketer Mohammad Kaif With Sharp Shooter Mohammad Kaif


Yes, you heard it right. Few days ago, this media house managed to make a risible goof by confusing Mohammad Kaif with Mohammad Kaif. The difference being the latter one is a wanted murderer in Bihar. Now being a national media house how ..how could one mistake Mohammad Kaif with a sharp shooter? Let’s see.




But Who Is Bunty?


Mohammad Kaif aka Bunty is the alleged shooter in the murder case of journalist Rajdeo Ranjan.

And when he surrendered to police, it became a headline with all media channels covering this story.


How The Confusion Crept In ?


The confusion started when Bunty’s family was protesting against police and in the backdrop, some moron held a poster which said,”cricketer Mohammad Kaif Ko Insaaf do”.

Calls started coming in, to the cricketer’s brother from various reporters asking about-“ye kaif bhai ne kya kar diya”.

After all this drama happened, Mohammad Kaif had to come out to clarify this doubt on twitter.


But, god bless that guy who was handling the BBC Hindi twitter handle. It seems he missed Kaif’s vehement clarification as even after all this, s/he tweeted- “purv cricketer kaif ne kiya atma-samarpan”. (lol)

To this our now troubled cricketer said:


Why Did It Happen?

It is not the first time that something like this happened. In the world of news reporting, it seems reporting incidents as fast as one could do is more important than the news being correct and free from factual errors. Everybody wants to be the first to start a trend and if possible, people like this will report their stories before something actually happens just to win the race.

If only the two Kaifs were pursuing the same choice of profession, this could have been labelled as an honest mistake. But this, a cricketer and a sharp shooter? There is and never will be a perfect correlation between the two.

This time the game Chinese Whisper seems to have actually worked behind this laughable mistake, with all the pity I can give to that BBC twitter guy.

It’s not just the media houses who managed to do some monstrous fails. Celebrities and politicians aren’t very far behind. There are many instances in the recent Rio Olympics which shamed our nation.

I wonder how they manage to live after these near to death embarrassing situations?

News Channels Too Aren’t Clean

Their reporting is just for the race, you’ll see it in election polls, during an attack on India’s borders or another PM’s visit. With many breaking news doing various somersaults and backflips on your television screen, you’ll hardly manage to read a line or two. Also advertisements like “Kesh Kala Hair Oil” or “Musli power” cover up the whole screen and makes us to read their silly slogans rather than the news itself. You should notice that all the Hindi news channels will take a short break at the same time, because none of them wants you to watch none of them except their own channel.

Now allow me to come back on the topic, for a reporter, it is his/her duty to bring the news to the people which should be based on facts and real incident.

Cross-checking may eat up some seconds but it’ll surely not result in these types of goofs. But no, they will not ascertain their reports beforehand-they are experienced and this is something that only a fresher would do.

Moreover, then who will ace the race to report something sabse tez.






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