New Delhi (India), March 16: Born in the “City Of Dreams” (AAMCHI MUMBAI), BASSBANG3R began his professional career in 2009 by working for a number of businesses that rented out music systems. There, he learned to spin on various DJ consoles and acquired experience spinning in clubs and managing various parties.

With a YouTube Official Artist Channel, BASSBANG3R has over 4 million views and 300K+ likes on his Instagram reel.

Under his IDOL, Mentor, and father figure DJ Akbar Sami, BASSBANG3R has performed at multiple events, including College Fest’s, Corporate Events, Dance Clubs, and Various theme parties.

Known for introducing the CIRCUIT music genre to India, BASSBANG3R is a magnificent spin master, remixer, and music producer. A lot of his remixes and original mixes were enthusiastically praised.

In addition to Bollywood music, he also excels in playing multiple music genres, be it Hip Hop, Commercial, House Music, etc.

Several Indian DJs, including his mentor DJ AKBAR SAMI, DJ NYK, DJ SHIVA, DJ VINIT DAVE, SHAMELESS MANI, and DJ SHIREEN, to name a few, have also endorsed BASSBANG3R.

Being the only DJ to be selected from Mumbai in the list of Top 10 DJs of India for soon to be held “King of MashUps DJ Competition” organized by the elite SOS Nitelife group.

BASSBANG3R has successfully released 2 albums, CIRCUIT BOMB Vol 1& 2, and many single releases, which received a lot of love and blessings from music lovers.

Being well-known on the DJ circuit for performing at private gigs, BASSBANG3R recently performed at a Holi event in Pune that drew more than 15000 people.

Music lovers can now listen to his latest national hit “Divine-Satya” remix, which gained over 400K+ views on Youtube.

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