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ASK ME, an answering machine (app)?


Powered by Getit, the app ASK ME has just been “Revealed” and is touted as the BAPP OF ALL APPS. Let’s Find out why. Shall we? was recently acquired by Getit from Network18 along with


The app has a neat interface. It starts with two search boxes for Business Name and Locality respectively. Since it is a service provided by Getit, it is backed by a huge directory of businesses. The phone number to the customer care is at the top for making a quick call as well.

The search results have a lot of depth. Apart from Phone Numbers and Addresses, you also find some other relevant information that might come in handy.

There are Ratings, which can help you compare different places having the same business. Payment methods accepted are also mentioned in a lot of cases. Thus you will know whether to carry cash or not. Opening and Closing Timings are available as well.

There are Reviews as well. These reviews help in getting to know what exactly is good or bad about the restaurant, retail outlet, etc.


ASKME - screenshotASKME - screenshot


Every “premium” result is coupled with a description about the business.

Adding a review is also possible. It assists anyone else who is looking for it. After all a person who’s been there knows more than someone who’s not.

Pictures can also be helpful in some cases. For eg. If you want to show that the ambience is good. Click it and upload it.

The feature that stands out is that you can make a list of all the favorite places you’ve been to. Sharing them on social network is also possible.


ASKME - screenshotASKME - screenshot


As you search for a business, you are provided with a number of deals related to your search.

It has been made keeping in mind that a person doesn’t have to download multiple apps.

It gives a lot of services. This also helps in increasing memory space for apps in your phone.

Apart from searching for businesses, you can even buy products off their bazaar. Posting and ad to sell something is also possible.

You can even find deals/coupons on a lot of businesses! Whether you wanna order a pizza or buy some garments, there’s got to be a deal for it somewhere. This app finds it and gets it for you.


ASKME - screenshotASKME - screenshot


The app has potential as it is a multipurpose one.

It has been marketed by Ranbir Kapoor and Alok Nath (a.k.a. Bauji). Have a look at the Advertisements.

The Ranbir Kapoor one!

The Babuji one!

The BAPP factor is that a single app contains features that are provided by many apps individually. Helps in reducing hassles, I’d say :P.

The app is available on Google Play Store for free.

*Screenshots Source : Google Play Store.

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