Graduate Unemployment: Here’s Why Young, Fresh Minds Find It Hard To Land A Job?

Have you ever wondered why 75% of our academic assessment is allocated to theory and the left quarter is for practicals?

It doesn’t matter if you are in school, college or P.G., that breakup generally remains the same with our elite education management institutions focusing on the written part.

If you are from D.U., then God (recruiters) help you.

An automobile engineer can write on how to change a tyre but may have never done it physically. A management student can write on strategic planning but has he designed a plan for real? It’s time that we stop looking at CVs and start working on skills.


India preferred the academic structure over skills-oriented courses and training. As a result, we have mass educated and unemployed youth that has become a mammoth problem for our successive governments to manage. Pick a random student from your (prestigious) college and ask him to speak on data analysis. He will. But tell him to analyse a piece of data on excel for you and he will go back to his lecture.

It isn’t our fault. We didn’t care to learn beyond our board or semester curriculum. And nobody cared to teach us even a vestige of practicality. And now? We have graduates who have theoretical knowledge but no practical experience.  


“But I know the difference between direct and indirect tax “


At a time when the country is jostling with fresh graduates who are unfit for employment year after year, the state boards are pondering over re-examining the students who studied for their exams from book A  and questions were asked from the same book just by twisting the language a little (There is no book B). Teachers are uploading videos on youtube to motivate them to study (cram) better for their next exam. Parents want their kid to study shit better than Sharmaji’s son.

All in all, we are all singing all dancing crap of this country because nobody cares what you studied in those 14 golden years of school as long as you go to your dream college. Unemployable, resource-consuming and devious. Our R.O.I. is negative.



Sometimes I feel that there is an intentional reason why our institute teaches us Accounting but doesn’t let us study Accounting software. There is a reason why in Class 12th , proofs of theorems aren’t given as the author claims that they will be taught in college where the writer mentions that those topics were taught in earlier classes. There has to be a reason why after seeing that there is a mismatch between demand and supply for labor, our education ministry hasn’t been able to done anything till now. Either our country wants us to stay unemployable so that on paper they have a reason for falling urban employment numbers or the authorities have done enough but the competition is such that we need more certificates than skill development courses.

All in all, we aren’t doing enough. I am not saying that semester/school exams are crap and it’s good if you dropout from college, but we deserve more than just a grade. I have been an academically decent student but I will be a fool to say that those numbers will be enough to bag a good package in college. But we have to invest in skill development programs along with our studies and we have to bridge the gap with practical training.

We have to understand that there is more to work than just studies….


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