Are Indian Parents Ready To Let Their 18 year Olds Live On Their Own? Pros & Cons

” You are 18! You have to be doing stuff on your own!” This is what I get when I ask my mother for a favour. But when it comes to me living independently… “Nope, you are too naïve, kid.”

Not that I am being specific, but this is what the normal Indian household mind set is like. 18 year olds are neither old nor young. Yet you’ll find people as old as 30 staying with their parents.

So what if Indian kids are left to their own at 18?

When a child is born, his parents have it in mind of what he has to do. Which is probably why he mostly goes against them. If left to himself, he’ll follow his dreams.

At times, when the society looks down upon them, these children without any support tend to fight out their  problems and emerge as confident young human beings.

They learn to look at the happenings of the world in a very different perspective from that of those filtered and shown to them.

Also, you  get to make all the decisions. Make any mistake? You’ll learn from it.

Smiling happy teenage girl sitting in front of her parents


Though people are same all over the world, the thing that differentiates them is Culture. What you see in France is not what is in China. Indians are more attached to the society as compared to Foreign countries. There are a lot of socially unaccepted norms that an 18 year wouldn’t know.

18 years on paper does seem a lot. But mentally, these kids aren’t mature enough. It is the age when your feelings process more than your thoughts. You don’t want to do anything driven by your over whelmed feelings.

Adhering to the education system in India, an 18 year old is not competent enough to work. Nor are there suitable jobs out there for them.

To me, it is not by the age that an kid should be left to live on their own but by their maturity. No doubt, children are more aware these days and the world has come closer. Yet, it is going to take decades before Indians can actually leave their laadlas and laadlis to live their lives, all alone.

But again, it’s the point of view of each one of us. Maybe, if parents think their child is capable enough, then maybe Indian parents are ready to send their 18 year old kids to live on their own.

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