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Android L vs iOS 8: Who Will Survive?




Accidents, mistakes and ‘I-didn’t-do-that-on-purpose’ are all a part of human nature. Then, there’s Apple.

Yes, I’m talking about Apple Inc. and their accidental release of the new IPad mini’s images which ‘mystically’ coincided with the launch of the Android Lollipop 5.0. Really Apple, how witty do you think you are? On 16th October, Apple unveiled two new products. The Ipad Air 2 and the Ipad Mini 3 (Like we need more of those *insert blank face*), which were a major disappointment and absolutely uninteresting, in the sense that most changes were not drastic, as they had already been revealed during the launch of the I-Phone 6; hence a breather was much needed so as to fully appreciate the advances made. Also, many media houses were disappointed at the show put up by Apple as they termed it as quite an ‘Underwhelming Launch’. Well, here are some specifications (Same old, same old) that will give you a gist of the product.





Display: 9.70 inch (I guess they’re taking the whole big-screen-era way too seriously)

Processor: Apple A8X

Front Camera: 1.2 Megapixels (but wait! That’s only in the Wi-Fi version *Apple, trolling you since…well…forever*)

Resolution:  1536×2048 pixels (My eyes are bleeding already)

RAM: Dafaq is that?

OS: iOS 8.1 (Yay.)

Storage: 16/32/64 GB

Rear Camera: 8MP F/2.4 camera and shoots 1080p video. The camera can take time-lapse videos, 120fps slow-mo. videos and has burst mode (welcome to the world of Androids, three years ago)

Price: $ 499/599/699 (All at the risk of burning a hole in your bank account)

gsmarena_003 (1)


The CPU is 40% faster, while the GPU is 2.5x faster than on the A7 chipset.The TouchID fingerprint sensor from the iPhone is finally available on the iPad Air 2.The screen on the iPad Air 2 is the same resolution as before, but now has a new anti-reflective coating, which reduces reflections off the screen up to 56% (you’d probably want to skip reading this, no biggy).

But sorry to break it to you, it still doesn’t float in mid-air.




Display: 7.90 inch (That’s just the IPad air’s display turned around *heehee*)

Processor: Apple A7 (The Air being a more powerful device)

Front Camera: 1.2 Megapixels (for both versions)

Resolution:  1536×2048 pixels

RAM: Rowing Away, Mazel-tov!

OS: iOS 8.1

Storage: 16/64/128 GB (Standard living)

Rear Camera: 5MP and an HD Face-Time camera (See you pimples now in High-Def.!)

Price: $ 400/500/600

And if you missed out on the entire event, here’s an 80 second look-back




Lollipop Forest-580-90


Yes, I am pro-Android, so you can be rest assured that this new version will be kick-ass and nothing below exceptional!

The new version of the Android, called the Lollipop was announced on 15th October which is said to come out with the Motorola Nexus 6 and HTC Nexus 9.



Here are the must-know features of the Lollipop 5.0:


Remember the time when you had to unlock your phone to answer texts or check annoying notifications? Well, now, get this, Android introduces a new technique where you can respond to and view set notifications of your choice on the lock screen (Hallelujah! Take that Apple). Also, Google has upped their game to introduce new floating notifications on top of your current activity, to which you can either respond or dismiss without having to close anything (I’m talking to you, you candy-crush addicts).

The new Priority Mode allows one to turn off all unnecessary alerts except from your favourite-chicas! Basically, it’s called ignoring-without-knowing!



Android 5.0 Lollipop will come with an opt-in kill switch dubbed ‘Factory Reset Protection’, which will allow users to wipe out the device’s data at will. But first it is required of the user to enter the GOOGLE Login in order to activate this feature. Its uniqueness is such that if your phone is lost, you will be able to erase all memory while having a backup on your google account by just sitting on the royal-throne at home! Hey, mobile-thieves, ain’t nobody gets to see my drunk-naked-streak!



So, this new share-feature on the upgrade is completely out-of-the-box. It allows you to create two accounts on your device.

  1. Your own personal account: The normal phone functions.
  2. Guest Account: Via this, you can allow others to use your phone through this account only; put restrictions on what should be visible or accessible to them. If you wish, the guest user can also be limited to one window! (Hey, mom! Today I give you full access to my phone *insert an evil smile*)





 A smarter update on the battery life allows you to know when and how your battery life is draining via Project Volta, which has also enhanced the life by 90 minutes. Android 5.0 Lollipop will also display the estimated time left to fully charge the device when plugged in, as well as the estimated time left on the device before the user needs to charge again.

Many new features have also been inculcated but those are more or less tweaks to up the basic usage of say the keyboard, user-interface, a 64-bit processor et al.

In conclusion, we will just have to sit back and see how these two top-ranking devices battle it out in the real world. As both Androids and Apple come out with extremely – if not equally – powerful tablets complete with better user inter-face and highly powerful processors. Both offering light-weight and superior designs will leave you in a fix as to which one to purchase, as believe it or not, Androids and Apple software’s are becoming increasingly – and somewhat eerily – alike! And this particular series of I-Tablets are one big power-house.

Now, the choice is yours and that was my perspective. Adios!




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