Usually, we wake up to our health when a disease has already popped up. Mainly because we give ourselves reasons when we can’t see the results we expect.

Now it’s time to quit the bed and hop out to workout. Anas Shahid would drive out the Stubborn laziness in you making workout fun.

Being a fitness trainer since 5 years now, Anas has not only build bodies but also confidences of people. His clients follow him to the core and their results have not disappointed them.  

Shahid sets realistic goals and customises exercise regimes of his trainees to make workout fun and shed optimum weight. “Shedding too much weight instantly is not good on a long term”, says Anas. Anas not just is a fitness coach to his clients abut also a source of inspiration for them. 

Being a youth icon in Karachi, Pakistan, Anas is followed by more than half a million followers on Instagram. 

Along with being a fitness coach Anas also models for brands like Gatorade and Golean and is a fashion blogger too.

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