Shark Tank India has always been in the news, whether for the kind of pitches it receives on the show or perhaps some few bizarre contestants and many times even the judges and their over-the-top behaviour.

However, one person on social media has made slightly concerning allegations about how two judges from the show had ghosted a contestant they had selected and made a deal with.

Shark Tank India Judges Allegations?

Twitter user @AkshayiWeb or Akshay Shah CEO of iWeb Technology Solution posted on his Twitter on 5th February about how a founder of a company told him that two of the Shark Tank India judges from season 1 ghosted him even after finalising a deal with him on the show.

He wrote, “Met a founder yesterday who had got a deal from two sharks in season 1 and who never met him nor responded to his mails post Shark Tank India – Ab kya bolen?”

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Of course with the contents of the post, it soon gained traction and people were extremely curious about who these two judges were and the identity of the contestant who had experienced this.

Shah had actually been a contestant himself at the business reality show and in a thread had talked about how pitching a business went about in the show further adding that he felt he was unfairly treated pointing out names like Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta because of their comments.

When a Twitter user asked, “Why that founder hasn’t exposed them yet?” Shah replied that “Like I said most founders fear, I am helpless :) In season 1 what we faced, more than 50% others faced the same or worse, the outcome being Ashneer was shown the door and sharks counselled not to be rude and brash and be considerate but no founder came out in the open!”

Various other users also commented on how since no names were given and there was no way to verify Shah’s words then it raised questions on the credibility of his statements and how true they were.

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